Monday, July 31, 2006

Mama's Little Baby Love Sport Weight, Sport Weight...

Mama's little baby love sport weight socks. (Ten points if you're singing along. I used to love that little jig.) I'm going to have that ditty stuck in my head all day.

Warning: It's a long one. I've been blog-slacking, but I've also been knitting.

I had, somewhere in my li'l sock lovin' heart, misplaced my adoration for sportweight yarn. I'm only about four rows farther along on poor Travis' second Gentleman's Fancy Sock. For some reason, the size 0s and the fingering weight in a high sock finally got to me. I've started no less than five projects since that second sock....and I've finished four of them.

I whipped up a pair of sportweight Jaywalkers in about four days. Love that.


The Stats:
Yarn - Vesper Sock yarn, superwash sportweight, in Tropicali
Pattern - Jaywalker, of course
Needles - Size 3 Clover bamboos (boy, those suck, don't they?)
Start - July 24th (late, late in the evening)
Finish - July 29th (early, early in the morning)
Changes - Adjusted the pattern for the sportweight, neglected to slip the stitch on the top of the foot as directed. (That's not a change, really, just a screwup.)


The colours are completely insane. They're not absolutely true here - it's oranges, blues, reds, and every possible variation on the three. It may be a bit headache-inducing, and I don't know what possessed me, but I wanted some crazy socks. And the Fruit-Stripe-Gum/Ice-Cream-Truck kiddie nature of the yarn appealed to me.


The yarn is wonderful to work with - not splitty, and soft and squishy. The only complaint I have is the pilling - I'd only worn these a bit around the house and for maybe a few hours with my Docs, and the heel is already pilled up pretty badly (click the photo for a closer look). But I can certainly live with that.

The next bit of the post is photos of gifties. One's a secret pal thing, no big. The other is a hat for Travis' mom....I don't think she would stumble on here, but if she does - Becky, go away. No cheating. I mean it - I'll give it to someone else if I catch you!

First up, the One Skein Secret Pal project. The assignment for August is to knit a one-skeiner for your pal. I wanted to avoid the patterns in the book (not that I don't like them, just wanted to be different) and I found a neat simple pattern for a lavender eye pillow included with a knitting novel I'm reading. (Can't remember the title, or I'd tell you.)


It's knit out of hemp (Hemp for Knitting's allhemp 3, which was a beast to work with, and would have been much more pleasant had I soaked the skein first) and stuffed with organic flax seeds and organic lavender buds. (Actually, that stuff gets stuffed into the toe portion of a pair of tights, then sewed up and seamed into the pillow.) I had a bit of a struggle with this little baby...I hated the finishing when I was done with it, so I popped the seams out and did it again, backstitching instead of whipstitching (a no-brainer, but live and learn). It's MUCH better now than it was before...I deleted the "before" picture - it was embarassing.

(I also felt it necessary to include miscellaneous goodies in addition to the knitted thing - partially because it's fun to spoil someone and partially because the project was relatively simple. If I'd knitted her an Icarus shawl, that would have been different. Hence....goodies.)

Okay, Becky, you seriously better be gone now.


This is actually a Christmas project. (I'm really reaching for stuff to put between me and that sock for Travis, ain't I?)

The Stats:
Yarn - Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (50 silk/50 wool) in Black Purl (one of my favourites).
Pattern - Odessa...of course
Needles - Size 8 Colonial Rosewood 16", size 8 Addi DPNs
Start - July 29 (immediately upon completion of Jaywalkers)
Finish - July 30th
Changes - Left out the beads, adjusted for worsted weight (cast on 90 stitches instead), worked ribbing for 1.5" instead of 1" (my standard Odessa deviation).

This is a pricey but GORGEOUS yarn. I probably have enough left for another Odessa, and the sheen is so great I really didn't think it needed the beads. (They would have had to be huge for a worsted yarn anyway.) It actually seems like it's more silk than wool - the sheen and crunch are really pronounced. I love it.


The odd angles are both to emphasize the hat, and de-emphasize my makeup-less mug and bleh hair (stuffed under hat). I'm intrigued by how the colourway worked up...the pattern spirals in one direction, the colour in the other. Neat.

I'm currently working on a little washrag in organic cotton, linen stitch. I picked up the Vogue Stitchionary, Knit & Purl this weekend, and there's some cool stuff in there. More washrags expected.

Finally, there was this little date, my masterpiece. Unfortunately I can't show you the whole thing - it's a secret. But here's a little peek:


Okay, I'm off to do some more knitting working. I'll leave you with a blatant Wendy rip-off:


Rooster says, apparently, "Go Sit Down".

(Let me share the story of this briefly - we've been working in our guest bathroom, so there's newspaper about. Rooster came in and spread the papers about until he arrived at this configuration, then settled down, satisfied. I was so amused at his posing himself in such a way, with such a phrase, directly in front of a commode, that I had to get a picture.)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Woo-Hoo!! Wa-Hoo!!

Woo-Hoo: Little people are so easy to knit for. They don't have preferences yet and there's no such thing as a wrong size. It doesn't matter if it's ugly because they're just going to ralph all over it anyway. And the knit goes by FAST. I started a li'l knit on Tuesday and was finished with it by Sunday. Now it just has to dry and then .... the seaming. Of all the skills that need the most work, my finishing is at the top of the list. (That's of the skills I actually have - there's so very many I don't have yet.) I can knit anything beautifully....but I'd love to have someone to put it together for me. But I'll manage.

Wa-Hoo: I found a new yarn shop! Well, it's not actually new, but I didn't know it was there....I stumbled onto it online. HUGE selection of Lorna's Laces (not just the sock, either) and all sorts of other fabulous yarns (Malabrigo, hello!) and things I'd love to try (Interlacements Tiny Toes) and luxury goodness. They also have - get this - roving and top. NOBODY in Central Florida has spinning fibers! Oh, happy day! AND they're open on Sunday, AND they're in Leesburg (which is in Lake County, as is Clermont, where I live). It's not really much more convenient than my LYS of choice currently, and I'll still show Doni a lot of love, but it's nice to have a place with different stuff too. (And did I mention FIBER???) The only downside? I discover them today and they're closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and Thursday is their late day. So that's THREE WHOLE DAYS before I can get out there. Oh, the agony. (I'm on a yarn diet, I'm on a yarn diet, I'm on a yarn diet...)

Woo-Hoo: I got my Vesper sock yarn on Saturday. It's fun and hip and makes me smile.

Wa-Hoo: I'd forgotten that the ebony needles that Doni carries at Sip and Knit are Susanne's, the American version of Holz & Stein. Not quite the same, but similar enough...and I needed a size 7 circ, so I gave them a whirl. (Hey, why not - only three bucks more than the Addis.) I LOVE THEM. New favourite needles, must have a set in every possible size.

Woo-Hoo: Travis and I took a day trip to St. Augustine on Saturday for no apparent reason, and I toted my knitting with me all over the city - including onto the beach- like a crazy person. He didn't complain once, and took photos of me with yarn in hand at various landmarks. (And it was a beautiful - if hot - day. Tra-la!)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Because Jenn Said So...

Jenn sent this out and I'm filling it out because she's just a nifty person. The fact that I am posting this has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the fact that I am fixated on Socks That Rock and dying to try the stuff and hoping I might win. That would just be silly.

(Jenn is my Secret Pal 8 hostess, and she has been fabulous, as has my Pal, and I'm doing my best to be fabulous to my Pal. I've been hearing a few nightmare stories - I'm glad it's going smoothly for me, though...)

1. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
Does it have to be my favorite season in the state where I live? 'Cause we don't have seasons here in Florida, per se. We have Too Hot and Not Too Hot. I like the months of December, January, February....that's when it actually dips below 70. Any month when I can turn the A/C off makes me happy. I love the fall in North, not humid, beautiful. I strongly dislike hurricane season.

2. Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer?
Because it's always hot, I don't really discriminate in the summer any more than any other time of year. I am generally careful to not knit any non-superwash socks in the summer, since we won't be able to wear them for four or five months, and it's just mean to finish up something lovely and say, "Here, honey - now don't wear these until 2007."

3. If money was no object.....what would you buy at the LYS?
Oh...was I supposed to have been acting as if money was an object? I splurge pretty readily on myself and others in the yarn department, although I usually only buy very little of the expensive stuff like cashmere or silk. However, I don't spend as much on notions, books, and needles. Given someone else's checkbook, I'd probably complete my needle collection - I'm missing a LOT of circs. And I'd buy all the stuff on my Amazon wishlist (which I'm sure I could get at my LYS, and I would rather do so if money were no object.)

4. What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family?
**Travis and I had our first "date" on New Year's Eve, so we try to do something really special every New Year's. I thought it'd be nice to spend it in a different place every year, but late December/early January isn't the best time of year for a lot of places we'd like to go...
**My parents and I used to spend every Thanksgiving in Key West, and my dad and I always do the wishbone thing, when I'm with them at Thanksgiving. And we have to go around the table and say one thing we're grateful for before we eat.
**I try to spend every July 4th with my folks. I've never been a big fan of the holiday, but they make it special.
**We were one of the only families I knew who didn't open a present on Christmas Eve - I was so jealous of all my friends. But Travis' family opens one gift that night, and I've now been included in that tradition - it's always a cute set of pajamas so the Christmas morning photos are prime. (I think I'll carry on that tradition with our future kids - it's a great idea, and eliminates the ratty-t-shirt Christmas photos, like all the ones I have.)

5. What is the weather right now?
Sigh. Hot, humid, muggy. Florida-in-July weather. You know, I'm always baffled by people who claim to love this weather. Freaks.

FYI, and not related to anything that happened on this blog specifically - I love to be contacted. If you have something to say, go ahead and say it loud and proud. I love when you like something I wrote, and I don't take issue with people having a problem with something I wrote. If applicable, I'd love to have the opportunity to address misperceptions about me, even if you believe I am pure evil. (I happen to disagree, but I'm biased.) Even if I, for some bizarre reason, was inclined to slam someone on this blog, I couldn't do any damage to anyone's reputation with my li'l readership. But I wouldn't slam anyone who didn't richly deserve it, and especially if they were big enough to come to me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Alright, alright....I have to prove that I still knit. Otherwise, when I post all the FANTASTIC stuff that my Secret Pal sent me, you might just say, "Yeah, so? Not like you actually KNIT or anything!" (Note: Flickr's down for now, so I decided to give the Blogger photo thing a shot. Hope it doesn't suck.)

Okay, this isn't actually knitting...this is the single I spindled while in North Carolina. It's that beautiful merino and silk mix I got at Yarn Paradise.

And the close-up:

I also have one-plus socks completed. I had to set the second one aside momentarily to begin a Special Knit. But here's the completed first one - it's the Gentleman's Fancy Sock, in Trekking, for Travis:

I love the calf shaping:

And Travis finished a little swatch while on the way back from North Carolina. We later figured out that he had been knitting a little rainbow in public during Gay Pride Week. No wonder he was getting funny looks at the airport. (They were probably thinking, "That poor has she not figured it out by now?")

Meanwhile, Rooster is loving that I finally did something with that darned cashmere sock yarn - now this box is back on the market:

Okay, now the goods!

Here's the thing. I spend a decent amount of money on yarn. But I'm sort of ridiculous as to what I'll splurge on. I REALLY want a sheep tape measure. I think they're precious....but I can't bring myself to buy one because I can purchase perfectly good tape measures for about two bucks. So I've done without.


Pal, I'm not kidding. I REALLY wanted a sheep tape measure. Badly. I almost cried when I opened the box. It was the first thing I saw, and I actually did a little "I got a sheep tape measure" dance in the middle of the post office lobby. (I never make it home with boxes - I have to open them immediately.) So Noo-Noo and I have been having a grand ol' time. (Yes, I named my tape measure. Yes, I really named it "Noo-Noo". I have no idea why. Travis was messing with it and I cried out, "Leave Noo-Noo alone!!!" I was as stunned as he was....and so the tape measure was named.)

Noo-Noo brought me delicious snacks and beverages!

I love tea. I especially love all black teas, and I especially love Twinings' Earl Grey. Sigh. I freaking LOVE that little dish. And I just got this Bodum steeping cup two days ago, and I found myself stranded at my desk with a leaky tea this dish is PERFECT. Honestly, it's like she has a spy. (*looking around, suspicious*)

And Noo-Noo was afraid I wasn't going to follow through on my promise to myself that I would try dyeing my own yarn soon...

Whee!! WHEE!! WHEE!!!!!!! I can't wait to play with this stuff and make a HUGE MESS!!!! Yeah!!!! (Bonus points to my pal for including a full-color tutorial in order to limit the damage I could do to myself and others, and my kitchen.)

Rooster says:

"Nee-Nee? Num-Num? Whatever, just keep it over there, away from my box."

PS: Pal, you're going to have to tell me where you got those fabulous card/pattern things....they are FANTASTIC.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mo' Money, Mo' Money!

Sock yarn does not count. Sock yarn does not count. Sock yarn does not count!!

I finally got in on some Vesper sock in time yesterday, picked up three skeins. (We are at threat level magenta in sock yarn...there's no chance I'll ever knit socks quickly enough to use all this up.) Travis scoffed at my inability to stick to my yarn diet, and I actually Googled "sock yarn yarn diet" to prove to him that sock yarn didn't count. Sure enough, the first three or four hits did the trick. He consents to the difference, but still thinks I'm weak. Yeah, whatever.

So please don't tell him that as soon as this shop restocks, I'll be picking up some Fleece Artist Sea Silk. Sure, I did manage to walk away from Yarns Forever with some Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden, but what I really wanted was the Sea Silk. A bazillion thanks to Vanessa of Coloursknits for giving me the link. (And renewing the itch.)

I've had a weird fixation with my Hanah silk ribbons lately. I've actually even gone so far as to wrap gift packages with them, just because I'm dying to use them. Seems a shame to let something that beautiful waste away. In a fit of boiling hot crazy, I actually wrapped up a return recently in tissue and a bit of Hanah. Granted, it was a return to a great shop and of an item that deserved nothing less than delicate packaging and Hanah silk (not her fault she was being returned), but I had to use the stuff. It's too wonderful to not share, and I don't imagine I'll be knitting 30 projects that call for two yards of ribbon. Fine, I'll admit it - I didn't need the stuff in the first place. But I'm glad I have it. So there. Pbbbt.

I will probably never have an FO to share. I cast on yet another project last night, but with purpose - this one has a deadline. Even if it is 87 days away.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I May Be Crazy.

I know, STILL no pictures. Shameful. I really would like to have an actually complete project to show you, so I'm stalling.

I have a half-pair (plus) of socks (Trekking!!) unseamed hemp eye pillow (to be stuffed with lavender buds and flax seeds) that I may do some embroidery on to give it a little pizzazz - it's a gift for my one skein secret pal...that beautiful Elsebeth Lavold hempathy sweater that I will love someday, once I figure out how to proceed...the Picovoli I cast on and realized I don't have gauge on, so I need to swatch and wash and see where I end up before I frog...and I really need to cast on for a Special Knit. There's also some spindling, and some stuff Travis has done...

After a brief hiatus of about six months, I'm going back to theatre - and, not to be taken lightly, I'm easing in with some Shakespeare. (And Stoddard.) A friend is directing a joint venture of Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and I picked up most of the comedic roles available in Hamlet, as well as a silly role in R&G. Travis is in the shows too....we should have a grand ol' time. (And I actually held up the audition at one point - I was called on to read for a scene and I declared, "Wait, just let me finish this row." Oh, they're gonna looooove me.)

You know, I really liked Grumperina's half-pair sock "exchange". What a great idea for a secret pal swap, don't you think? Hmmmm. According to what I hear, it's been done before. Anyone know anything about that?

Monday, July 10, 2006

There Were Pirates In That Movie?

I remember, way back in early March, when Travis and I were at a restaurant in Colorado and I asked, embarassed, "Do you mind if I knit while we wait for our food?" I was anxious to finish a scarf before leaving the cold of Colorado for the heat of Florida, where the scarf would immediately be rendered useless, and I felt terrible for knitting during a meal.

Ahhh. That's cute.

Now I routinely knit during meals, movies, television programs, during theatre intermissions, and at various social occasions (I try to do it in short bursts, which leads friends to point and laugh at me and declare me an addict in need of a fix). But this weekend I hit an all-time low - actually, I hit two. With Travis, I attended a motocross race event on Saturday night, sock clutched firmly in hand, dirtbike instead resting unhappily in the shed back home, alone. But also...

I finally graduated to movie-theatre knitting. Friends who also saw Pirates of the Carribean: Something About A Trunk Or Chest Or Some Such Thing That Doesn't Contain Yarn So Why Would I Care have complained that it was very long and dragged in spots. I didn't notice. I attribute that to: Johnny Depp's eyeliner; my spending much of the movie loudly proclaiming Keira Knightley's jaw to be "completely out of control"; good special effects; a sock.

Yeah....I knitted almost all the way through the movie. I did so slowly and intermittently, but I never set down my sock. I still managed to absorb the entire thing, but I really didn't mind the length one bit. So now that's the secret to any movie longer than 90 minutes. Excellent.

(I have so many photos of so many not-even-close-to-finished objects I need to share, but you see, I am so very, very lazy.)

Also: The summer issue of Knitty excites me very much. I counted, seriously, no less than thirteen items I would really like to knit - including, of course, the newest sock pattern of Miss Pomatomus & Hedera, Cookie. (I LOVE that woman and her clever socky brain.)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One Man's Nightmare Is His Girlfriend's Vacation

Warning: Big ol' photo-heavy post ahead!

If we do indeed commit to moving to North Carolina, I'm going to need either way more self control or a much larger salary.

We saw a play and had dinner at our special place, and spent plenty of time with my parents, and it was a great deal of fun for both of us - but I'll try to keep it mostly to the yarny stuff. (There was also an offroading vehicle available to keep Travis from going insane in a house full of yarn-chat.)

But yes, the first day was dedicated to hunting down a few select yarn two states. I managed to narrow the list of stores that absolutely needed to be visited down to four (later a fifth came into play, but we'll get there.)

First was Yarns Forever in Greer, South Carolina. (Yes, we drove from the airport in Charlotte, NC into parts of South Carolina for a few hours, and then back up to Asheville...) See, I believe Yarns Forever is the only place in Florida/Georgia/Carolinas that carries Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden. I had to go. No photos of that shop, but I did part with the largest chunk of paycheck there. (Lovely women, a few nice chats, and Travis asleep with my purse in his lap on the couch in the middle of the shop. Charming.)

Next up, The Needle Tree in Greenville, SC.


Loved this too-cute shop and the women in it, a mother-daughter team who really loved good fiber. They'd just returned from TNNA (right?) and had a giant bin of my precious Ozark Handspun to show for it. (Now one skein smaller, bringing my total collection of cool Ozarks I can't stand to knit up to two.) They also carry Hanah silk ribbons - I bought a big bin of those - never know when I'm going to need a luxurious embellishment. And best of all, they had Murray.


This big wad of adorable was waiting for me when I walked in. They refer to Murray as the great shop protector. Here he is in all his terrifying glory.


Fierce, no? (No. But snuggly as the dickens.) I made another discovery while perusing the sweater sampler cabinet...slightly more ferocious - or at least more indignant about my presence - a discovery than Murray had been:


When you're expecting a sweater of new and different fiber and instead grasp the belly fur of an annoyed sleeping cat, that makes for a good laugh all around. (Later I dragged Travis into the shop to show off Murray - who I almost immediately had begun pretending was my own dog - and scared the crap out of him with the hidden cat as well.)

We finally headed north into the state we were supposed to be in, and so very nearly made it to my parents' house - but there were two more stops to make. (Three if you count my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Asheville.) But first, Yarn Paradise.


I love this shop - it's enormous, and very thorough. If they carry a line of yarns, they CARRY a line of yarns. The walls of Noro, Debbie Bliss, and Elsebeth Lavold alone are sights to behold. I didn't know there were 87 colour options in the E.L. Silky Wool yarn. Hell, I don't think E.L. knows that....

Finally, I wrapped up (after lunch, as Travis was becoming increasingly cranky,) at Earth Guild. The biggest selling point to Earth Guild, besides being a completely comprehensive fiber arts shop (complete with eight different spinning wheels on the floor for sampling), is the discount. Buy six skeins of anything (not all in the same line) and you get the discounted price. (Buying six skeins of Trekking is tough on the wallet...but buying three skeins of Trekking and three of Sugar n' Cream...haw haw.)

There might have been a truly glorious chocolate shop right across the street too, with the most seductive truffles you've ever tasted. These could lead to naughty, naughty things.


I'll flash the acquisitions so far in a minute...I feel I should give my hosts their moment of glory:


Mom and Spirit.


My step-nephew Jake, hard at work. (To be fair, this is a great kid. He's almost 15, so he's very typically a teenaged boy, but he's a good guy - funny, well-mannered, and obedient. This last part comes in handy for my parents when he's visiting. As Mom said, "It's nice to have a slave.") Also pictured, Travis' best friend for the weekend.


Dad, pictured with his '41 Chevy. He has had this car longer than he has had me. Thankfully, I've made better progress. But he's got it running and it's looking better every day - he seems to be making more substantial progress since retirement.


Mom and Samson. I know I fairly well managed to never show Mom's face, but I assure you she's beautiful.

Okay, so...the swag. (Sort of - I think "swag" implies "free"...but you know what I mean.)


For shock value...a bit more detail in some other shots below...there are a few miscellaneous items I didn't include, such as my Eucalan, some lavender tablets for stash drawers, and a skein of Rowan I needed to round out a project. Oh, and the five skeins of Sugar n' Cream don't get their own photo, but they are valued nonetheless. (Lovely dishcloths!!!)


The bulks: Debbie Bliss Cathay (for a Picovoli); Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed; Reynolds tweedy 100% silk (this one was on sale for about five bucks a skein, wahoo).


Sock stash doesn't count. Lorna's Laces in my school colours (UCF); Fleece Artist sock; a great Koigu green; two Trekkings.


The penny-pinchers...Ozark Handspun; Hand Maiden 100% silk eyelash yarn (great yardage at 725m); Hand Maiden 8-ply cashmere; the Hanah silk ribbons.


The fibers, clockwise: Blue merino and silk blend (gorgeous - already started spinning this one, made some serious progress); my new Louet spindle (love it); some basic wool top; a bit of tussah silk; a nice bundle of soy silk (sooo soft and yummy I almost hate to spin it).

We also added a stop on Monday, the Yarns to Dye For shop in Flat Rock/Hendersonville. I loved most how the owners lived in the big house on the same lot - the shop was sort of a huge guest house full of yarn. (Can you imagine a better guest house?) The owner, Donna, does some wonderful hand-dyes - and her co-owner husband knits too and was very knowledgeable about everything in the shop. Oh, and I had a 20% off coupon from Mom. Whee!


Trekking (on the needles for Travis); two Fortissima cotton socks; two Takhi New Tweeds (another Odessa?); Donna's hand-painted mohair; two Mountain Colours Bearfoots (Bearfeet?) - 20% off Bearfoot, double whee!

I've sketched out plans for some cedar yarn cubby shelves for the Fiber Room. I also have some project photos to share, but that can wait. And I also need to get a photo of the stuff Mom picked up for me in Greece and Turkey. But for now, I'm afraid this is all I got. ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot - my dad and nephew Jake put on a big illegal spectacular fireworks show. Wait, no...I forgot, my father declared the display was brought to us by "Captain Pyro and his sidekick Sparky!!!"


Sparky chose to avoid being photographed to protect his teenaged male ego anonymity.

(Rarely a dull moment in my family. Can you tell?)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

To Do:

1. Floor-to-ceiling shelves in Fiber Room.

Our trip to North Carolina was wonderful - relaxing, restful, romantic....expensive....

I have oodles of photos to share and big updates to do (including a bit of Travis-Knitting progress) and a beg for help to the world of Knitters More Knowledgeable Than I. (Umm, Elsebeth Lavold appears to assume that one has already knitted many sweaters in the past and that the instruction, "Shape shoulder" should be more than sufficient...this pattern is going to kick my ass, I just know it.)

In the meantime, let me share a photo with may recall what my knitting room looked like before. (Now that I've picked up a spindle, I've tried to adapt to calling it the "Fiber Room" in preparation for the day I take to spinning.) Now, here we are, post-Carolinas (we may have dipped into South Carolina for a few shops....) Everything on the chair, trunk, and most of the ottoman is new.


Eventful weekend indeed.