Monday, July 24, 2006

Woo-Hoo!! Wa-Hoo!!

Woo-Hoo: Little people are so easy to knit for. They don't have preferences yet and there's no such thing as a wrong size. It doesn't matter if it's ugly because they're just going to ralph all over it anyway. And the knit goes by FAST. I started a li'l knit on Tuesday and was finished with it by Sunday. Now it just has to dry and then .... the seaming. Of all the skills that need the most work, my finishing is at the top of the list. (That's of the skills I actually have - there's so very many I don't have yet.) I can knit anything beautifully....but I'd love to have someone to put it together for me. But I'll manage.

Wa-Hoo: I found a new yarn shop! Well, it's not actually new, but I didn't know it was there....I stumbled onto it online. HUGE selection of Lorna's Laces (not just the sock, either) and all sorts of other fabulous yarns (Malabrigo, hello!) and things I'd love to try (Interlacements Tiny Toes) and luxury goodness. They also have - get this - roving and top. NOBODY in Central Florida has spinning fibers! Oh, happy day! AND they're open on Sunday, AND they're in Leesburg (which is in Lake County, as is Clermont, where I live). It's not really much more convenient than my LYS of choice currently, and I'll still show Doni a lot of love, but it's nice to have a place with different stuff too. (And did I mention FIBER???) The only downside? I discover them today and they're closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and Thursday is their late day. So that's THREE WHOLE DAYS before I can get out there. Oh, the agony. (I'm on a yarn diet, I'm on a yarn diet, I'm on a yarn diet...)

Woo-Hoo: I got my Vesper sock yarn on Saturday. It's fun and hip and makes me smile.

Wa-Hoo: I'd forgotten that the ebony needles that Doni carries at Sip and Knit are Susanne's, the American version of Holz & Stein. Not quite the same, but similar enough...and I needed a size 7 circ, so I gave them a whirl. (Hey, why not - only three bucks more than the Addis.) I LOVE THEM. New favourite needles, must have a set in every possible size.

Woo-Hoo: Travis and I took a day trip to St. Augustine on Saturday for no apparent reason, and I toted my knitting with me all over the city - including onto the beach- like a crazy person. He didn't complain once, and took photos of me with yarn in hand at various landmarks. (And it was a beautiful - if hot - day. Tra-la!)