Monday, July 28, 2008

You Have No Idea


Does anyone even still subscribe to this poor neglected feed? How many blogs do you read daily that said, "Wow, have I really gone (x days/weeks) without posting?" I know, me too - I'm so freaking gone-astray over here. I know. I know. I've been such a hot mess, though, totally frazzled and distracted. Like, I'm trying to get work done and my head is doing something like this:

"...this is deficient, where's the notice? I forgot to look up that roasted beet recipe, crap. Let me do tha...what should I make for dinner tonight? Thai food...but then I have to do tofu and chicken. I wish I remembered what chicken tastes like. Chicken is a funny word if you think about it. How do feathers happen? What time is it? Oh, I left that window open. I should check my email. Wait, I can't do that here. Can I...where am I? At work, right. I wish I had an iPhone, then I...this is deficient, where's the notice? Did I already write that down? I need to print up tags tonight before I forget. Who's the guest judge this week, Mia Michaels? I wish she did more choreography this season. I could dance if I wanted to. Heh, I could leave my friends behind. God, I haven't talked to (insert name of absolutely anyone I know here) in forEVER. Whose phone is that, would someone please answer the damned thing? Oh - 'Hello?'..."

We got a new bed, a Sleep Number, to help with my failure to sleep or function without back pain. It's coming along...strange little adjustment, though, the number system. We keep futzing with it, so my body is totally revolting against the process.

I'm dieting, to help with my failure to sleep, function without back pain, or wear any of the clothing I own. (Letting yourself go after marriage: I'm doin' it right.) So far I've lost about seven pounds and can breathe in most of my pants again. Bonus.

I'm going to be designing another pattern soon - well, more than one, but one's been announced and I'm cool to talk about it - and it's probably going to be awesome. Well, the yarn is going to be awesome. Hopefully my design will live up to it - the October Yarn4Socks kit will feature my sock pattern design and yarn by Dani of Sunshine Yarns. (I KNOW, I love her stuff too!!!) Reserve your kit here!

Knitting? What? I can't hear you la la la .....

And then there's this one other little thing. It's killing me. If you want one reason for my utter failure to blog, this is it - and I STILL can't talk about it. I've been a very busy girl, with a very big project in the works, and I'm worried about my ability to keep my trap shut, so I've gone missing instead of trying to avoid talking about it - which as you can see, I am incapable of doing. Soon, my lovelies, soon. (Please don't leave guesses in the comments. I wouldn't tell you if you were right anyway.) (No, not a baby.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Has A Logo!

I was lamenting to my mom that I haven't had a logo made up for the shop yet (because I'm a bum and searching out graphic-type folks turned out to be a whole lot of trouble in my world. Yes, writing an email. It's too difficult and time-consuming for me.) She's not a graphic artist in the computer sense, but she's a wonderful artist, and a clever one at that, so I described in broad strokes kinda sorta what I wanted (a complex idea that I wanted made very simply) and she played with some ideas and came up with a simple and perfect line drawing. I tossed some colour on it (a graphic artist I am not, but it keeps it in the family) and here we go:


Too cute, huh?? Notice how the second "Y" that's also a happy girl has curled-up toes? When I was a baby (and throughout life straight into adulthood)I'd curl my toes up real tight when I was happy. Frequently when eating. (My sources of joy have failed to shift in the slightest.) So she added it to the logo, a touch that I absolutely LOVE.

In less adorable YoYo news, I registered my business legally so all my stuff is legit. Woot. (Registering a business with state, county, and city is wreaking havoc on the environment - I get a TON of solicitation mail now. Being a business kind of sucks in that way.)

Lookit me - a real live business with a logo and credit card offers and everything!

I'll be updating the shop periodically again - I've been experimenting with some new yarn bases, so there'll be all sorts of fun things to explore here before long. Times they are a-changin'......... (ETA: UPDATED 7/15/2008 WITH SOME NEW YARNS!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Could Jump Over Watermelon Seeds Near The Monkey Bars

What? That title makes no sense!

Now you're getting a sense for about how discombobulated I am right now. I'm back from San Antonio after being back from South Florida after being back from Key West after being back from Boulder.


Judging by emails I've received with such subjects as "Are you dead?" and "What the hell happened to you?", I'm guessing at least someone has noticed my waning presence - I've not even updated Flickr in ages. (That's what happens when there are 472 photos on your camera.)

Things are NUTS.O. Being back from the trip(s) really doesn't settle anything down much for me. That's about all I can say - give me a couple of weeks, I'll have more details on that..... (Oh - I should note that nothing bad is going on. I can't give many details on the craziness, but it's not bad.)

My best friend's wedding went off GREAT. I finally have photos up from the bachelorette party in Key West, including all our parasailing photos, and I have a ton of photos from the days leading up to the wedding. I do not, notably, have one single photo at all from the wedding day itself. I'm awesome like that. But there's a collection of photos here of everything else.

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

(I'd be the glowing white one in the floppy hat. Bet you can't pick the Welsh girl out of the lineup!!)

This. Was. AWESOME.

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

Waaaaaay up there are Jessi & Lia - Patrick and I went next. It was crazy incredible and not the least bit scary, which surprised me - I was figuring I'd be completely terrified to the point of catatonic, but Patrick and I were jabbering away (about how peaceful it was up there, ironically) and I never even noticed how damned high we were until I reviewed the photos later.

The whole entire experience has been a blast, and I've been the best most supportive maid of honor I know how to be. Observe:

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

I could also be relied on to make sure we got plenty of fried food and booze.

Pre-wedding preparations

And I did of course knit a little something for her:

Pre-wedding preparations

The Eloping garter from the Summer issue of Knitty, knit in Handmaiden Sea Silk laceweight. A quick beautiful knit finished with silk ribbons. I'm pretty sure we skipped it in the frantic wedding prep - we were running late - but I wanted her to have it as a keepsake.

Also, if you've never read the books Lamb, The Handmaid's Tale or Into Thin Air, I recommend all three wholeheartedly - a nice range of humor, drama, and memoir for you. I've suddenly fallen back into mad love with reading and devoured those three in a week. (Well, about a third of Lamb and the entirety of the other two in a week.)

Off to bed I go. If I can find it. I'm still a little dazed and confused....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Like I Died, But With More Breathing

Wow, a weekly blog post. I'm pretty impressive - do I motivate you? I'm sorry, I am just an epicfail blogger. I've never recapped Estes Wool - which was way fun and Kristi is crazyawesome, even if you've never talked to her on the phone......and I've not talked about the wicked Key West bachelorette party weekend week before last, which was a ton of fun and I went parasailing and ohmygod that is pretty much the coolest thing EVER......and my best friend's wedding is this Friday (omgwhee!!!)......and then I'm off to San Antonio for an entire week for work crap without Travis (omgnotwhee), so things are pretty buzzy around here.

And my mojo has gone wildly astray - no knitting, no spinning, no designing (or sample knitting, which is kind of a huge problem with deadlines,) no blogging, and NO dyeing. Or rather, there has been dyeing. But there have also been trips to the dumpster. Painful, expensive trips to the dumpster. It is not a good scene for me right now, in the artistic sense.

But dammit, I made you all a promise long ago. And that promise was:

Uh.  WHOA.

Sheep balls.

You. Are. WELCOME.