Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Like I Died, But With More Breathing

Wow, a weekly blog post. I'm pretty impressive - do I motivate you? I'm sorry, I am just an epicfail blogger. I've never recapped Estes Wool - which was way fun and Kristi is crazyawesome, even if you've never talked to her on the phone......and I've not talked about the wicked Key West bachelorette party weekend week before last, which was a ton of fun and I went parasailing and ohmygod that is pretty much the coolest thing EVER......and my best friend's wedding is this Friday (omgwhee!!!)......and then I'm off to San Antonio for an entire week for work crap without Travis (omgnotwhee), so things are pretty buzzy around here.

And my mojo has gone wildly astray - no knitting, no spinning, no designing (or sample knitting, which is kind of a huge problem with deadlines,) no blogging, and NO dyeing. Or rather, there has been dyeing. But there have also been trips to the dumpster. Painful, expensive trips to the dumpster. It is not a good scene for me right now, in the artistic sense.

But dammit, I made you all a promise long ago. And that promise was:

Uh.  WHOA.

Sheep balls.

You. Are. WELCOME.