Monday, November 09, 2009

Last Call!

Due for baby in just a week or two (that's due, of course, not some guarantee, as I keep reminding myself) and I've made some big headway around here - for example, I finally bought a new battery for the laptop, as I've been needing to do for a YEAR, so I can actually use this computer and let's pretend that means I'll blog more often...

I think I'll just cover the knit-related stuff for now - and then the next post you see from me you know will mean that she-or-he is here!

Telemark Sweater (pattern by Erika Flory)

Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight in "Fred Flintstone"
Pattern: Telemark Sweater by Erika Flory
US 4 needles
Size M (12 month)
Started: August 28
Finished: September 1
Mods: Seed stitch instead of garter, kfb instead of m1 (I'm crazy like that) and I think that's about it. Gauge was off (6 instead of 5 sts/in) so I went up a size, think I still ended up with something for a 12-month old, which is also fine.

State of the Legwarmers (feat. Nightwing)

Giant stack o' baby legwarmers - these will be good for Florida "winter" weather. All are superwash, most are just Dream in Color leftovers from the Tulip cardi, which brings us to....

Tulip Cardigan

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy (kit from The Sweet Sheep)
Pattern: Tulip Cardigan by Lindsay Pekny
US 5 and US 7 needles
Size 0-6 mo.
Started: April 24
Finished: April 29 (my Loopy Spring Fling project)
Mods: Had to finagle some things due to a shortage of yarn in some places, so there are some skimpy stripes and contrasting i-cord trim. Don't study the comparison between the cuffs of the left and right sleeves.

Avery Baby Sweater

Yarn: Handmaiden SeaThree (silk and seasilk, very practical for baby knitwear)
Pattern: Avery by Kristi Geraci
US 7 needles
Size 3-6 mo.
Started: May 3
Finished: July 19 (I hit a lull in the knitting mojo)
Mods: None, other than I knit the mirror image of this one AGAIN. I started out fine, did something stupid, ripped back, and accidentally reversed the front and back when I started it up again. Duh.

I also knit this, but not for me:
Baby Sophisticate

Yarn: Valley Yarns Superwash
Pattern: Baby Sophisticate by Linden Heflin
US 8 needles
Size 6-9 mo.
Started: September 10
Finished: September 27
Mods: none other than making it a bit longer than written. This was a gift for Baby G. Actually, there was one other sweater that started out as a potential gift for Baby G but I botched it pretty good..

Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater - finished

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca
Pattern: Cabled Baby Raglan by Rebecca L. Daniels
US 4 needle
Started: July 19
Finished: September 10
Mods: Can we call a botching a mod? I dropped a stitch on the sleeve during the movie District 9. Later I picked it up and carried it up about 20 or so rows, creating a lovely pucker on the back of the sleeve. So it's got a little something, uh, special. (Oh well, it's a handwash-only baby sweater, it probably wasn't going to be in heavy rotation around here anyway!)

Then there's this, which I will probably finish eventually. Ugh, seaming...

27 (PixUp)

Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Sampa (organic cotton)
Pattern: Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff
US 7 needle
Started: August 9, 2009
Finished: uhhh....TBD

Handspun Nearly Knee Sock

And of course, I'm working on birthing socks. Nearly finished - just working on the foot of the last one now. This is a three-ply handspun superwash merino I'm so happy with, knit into nearly-knee socks. Naturally, if I did something like this for my wedding, I had to have something equally special for baby's birth day. Halfway through these it occurred to me that baby would need special birth day socks too:


Yarn: Greenwood Cotton-Lycra sock yarn
Pattern: my own (I may write it up)
US 1 and US 2 needles
Started: October 25
Finished: October 28
Mods: I wrote it myself. And yet, actually, I did mod something - picked up on some screwed up decreases halfway up the hat and swapped those around.

One last thing I managed to pull off before the baby arrives (and later than I should have):

Yarn shipment for Loopy - CashSock

Orders of fingering-weight cashmere/nylon/superwash merino went out to both The Sweet Sheep and The Loopy Ewe. No telling what the future holds for The YoYo once MiniYo comes along, so if you're thinking you might wanna try some, now's a good time...

Baby's room

So I think that's about everything! More soon - hopefully!