Friday, August 21, 2009

One Other Little Thing...

OMG I'm back and it's only been like two days!

Nah, I'm just trying to enable you again. Remember back when I used to do that? I'm doing some reluctant but necessary destashy. You know, one of those things where I'm having to make room in the office/craft room for all of Mr. YoYo's crap because his office is now a nursery, and having to make room in the budget for all of Baby Yo's crap because, well, that will be my life now forevermore. I'll eventually be digging up all sorts of things, spinning fiber and whatnots, but for now I'm trying to part with some of my sock yarns. Loving homes needed for Duets, Cherry Tree Hill, Socks that Rock, Dream in Color, Mama E, Yarn Pirate, Sunshine Yarns, Sknitches, Zen String, etc etc etc....Want some? Good prices! Make offer!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Um. Hi. Yeah, I keep doing that thing where I appear, apologize, post, and disappear. It sucks. I've gotten some awesomely sweet emails in the past month or so (OH MY GOD I DIDN'T RESPOND TO YOU GUYS. I'm also pregstupid. I haven't been doing anything at all lately that I'm supposed to. See also: blogging, etsy shop. I can't tell you how special your sweet emails made me feel, and hopefully I'll remember to tell you personally and oh my God that made me sound like such a douche. I'm not a douche, I'm just stupid. I promise.) Anyway, thank you for all your fantastic comments and congrats on my pregnancy (remember that, like three months ago? Yikes.)

So I'm six and a half months along now (also yikes) and things are still going swimmingly. For those who said "But you look kinda skinny...?" to the photo I posted last time to indicate my pregnancy - yeah, I was like six weeks pregnant when I took that, and had just lost about 10 pounds to boot. (Good thing, too.) Right now I look more like this:

6.5 months

Yay crummy iPhone photos! I'm surprised at how...pregnant I look here. I mean, duh, I'm pregnant, but this definitely makes me look quite a lot more expansive than I see myself in the mirror most of the time. Deluded, maybe, but I swear I'm bigger at night, it's the strangest thing. And pardon my closet, it needs some work but we've been busy with the nursery. Oh, and I just came from the gym here. Hot. (I'm being very careful, just elliptical machine and gentle yoga stuff, but I'm trying to get exercise and stay healthy for the baby. Studies show childhood obesity may be determined in the womb, so build good habits now and all that crap.)

But there's more! I'm SO not sure I'm supposed to post this....but hopefully someone from Lark will let me know if I'm breaking a code.



Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, it's not MY book per se. But remember how I called Cookie's book "my book" because I'd knit the sock on the cover? This book is at least closer to being "my book" than Cookie's was, in that Cookie's book was not my book in any way or shape. (PS: That did not stop me from noting to a yarn shop owner in North Carolina who had Cookie's book on display near the register that I TOTALLY KNIT THOSE SOCKS RIGHT THERE ON THE COVER. I have to be the coolest person alive. I hope to God no one ever gives me even an inch of fame, or I'll just become this huge walking bag of feminine hygiene.)


See, this is totally more like being actually my book, in that I'm published in it with my very own pattern and stuff. This was a pattern I did for Roxanne of faboo Zen Yarn Garden (and which she VERY graciously allowed me to submit to this book, which was gracious indeed since it's her right to decide what happens with the pattern, so when you knit these and all the other socks in this book, please use Zen Yarn Garden yarn, especially since it's awesome anyway and I totally would not lie to you - if it wasn't awesome I'd just say something nice about Roxanne's hair or something and be done with it, but her yarn really IS great stuff.)

OMG OMG OMG (The Pattern)

In case you want to sort of be able to see the sock at all. I've seen the socks, so I'm more excited about my name in print. Oh, and by the way, I have these socks back in my possession now and will never be able to wear them because this hot chick in her stupid robe has totally ruined it and there's something decidedly less sexy about how I wear them - which right about now is on the swollen ankles of a pantsless pregnant woman watching old Golden Girls episodes on the WE network and eating Edy's Butterfinger ice cream straight out of the pint. (I wish that wasn't true - the only part I'm lying about is swollen ankles, really I haven't had that problem yet. But with my body temperature averaging about 457 degrees higher than normal, about the most dressed-up I can muster at home is a long-enough t-shirt. Long t-shirts are great. If you walk around PRETENDING you're wearing shorts under there, people will totally think you are. And yes, I did blather on about childhood obesity and all that earlier, so I'm not eating a LOT of ice cream, but I will admit it's made the odd appearance here and there on Golden Girls night.)

What? Book? Why, you're not here to picture me wandering around in my yard without pants on while trying to remember why I came outside in the first place - oh right, checking the mail. Wait, it's Sunday. Well now I have to find something to do because I'm standing in the yard pretending to have shorts on and I wouldn't want it to appear as if that was my sole purpose in coming out here and I can't check the mail because then I'll look like one of those lazy morons who forgot what day of the week it is, and when you see those people you always think they must have no jobs and just live off of some sort of trust fund and I really don't want the neighbors to think I'm some pantsless pregnant trust-fund kid. Oh, good, a fallen branch. I'll pick that up and then it'll look like I was being proactive.

See what pregnancy is doing to me? Let's change the subject back, shall we?

OMG OMG OMG (The back)

And LOOK! I get a BLURB! Isn't that what that's called? Words I wrote (supposedly - this was all done quite a long time ago, but that does SOUND like me) appear on the back of the book, and - I get such a kick out of this - my name has the words "sock designer" in front of it as if it were some sort of actual job I have or something. I'm completely terrified someone is going to mistake me for an actual sock designer now. Seriously, this book is loaded with Real Actual Designer types who have GORGEOUS stuff in here. Of course I've only fast-forward paged through it to find my name in print, because I'm cool like that, but the socks I saw on the way are AMAZING. I can't wait to sit down with the book for real and actually study them - there have to be at LEAST 10 I saw that were must-knits, which is a ton for me since in any given book that I have to have, there might be two patterns in there that I would consider things I could actually sit down and knit some day. (And sock knitting could be interesting challenge for me indeed, since I haven't picked up a sock in probably four or five months. Unless you count baby legwarmers. Let's not get into the baby legwarmers right now. It's a disease I have, probably on par with Cara's Monkey sickness.)

And I can tell they're real-live going to publish it for sure, because look! Pre-order the book on Amazon!

So what's new with you? Hopefully I'll post again before the baby's born...I'm averaging one every three months now, right, so that puts the next one just before the due date. (November 19th - also my mom's birthday!) I promise to at the VERY least come back and tell you when Yo-Yo and Mr. Yo-Yo welcome Little Yo.

(I'm also hoping to do some sort of book giveaway when this gets published, which I THINK is supposed to be some time in October...?)