Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Triumphant Return (For Today, Anyway....)

I suppose I should format this post in the Standard Acceptable Prose Of Long-Absent Blogger, which is to say that I should start out with generic shock at how long I've been silent ("Has it really been [insert number of days] since my last post??"), proceed to vague reasons and apologies for said absence as if your every morning hangs on my updates ("Test knitting....busy-ness....secret projects....etc.....sorry sorry sorry....") and then finish up by regaling you with every boring and excruciatingly minute detail of the last however-many-weeks-or-months that I've been absent ("So THEN my boss said....and I told her....and she told me....and I said to her....")

Okay, now that all that is out of the way....hi! Yeah, I know. But like I said, secret projects, plus a very busy few months that have plenty to boast in worthy news - a long-in-coming shop update and sale, rehearsals and opening for the local community theatre show Li'l Abner, which turned out to be more challenging for me than I'd originally anticipated, more detail on that toward the end of the post, a trip or two, and a planned development - but not enough energy to post it all. I have some knits I need to photograph and share, which I will no doubt get to eventually.....well, let's not say "no doubt" but you can hang with the firm deadline of "eventually".

There was the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, where I took practically zero pictures but had quite the time, especially visiting Loopy (with Aimee and Teenuh!) and seeing my yarn on their shelves. (On that front - it was quiet with Loopy for a while, but I have another batch in the works for the summer with both Loopy and The Sweet Sheep. A new yarn base too. Woot!)

Travis and I got out of the hotel one day to visit the Arch.

Travis & me @ st louis gateway arch (PixUp)

It's the silver thing you can see a chunk of behind me. Nice shot, eh? I kind of blew off a class for that, but I'd proven myself so mind-numbingly stupid and worthless in the first class that I doubt the instructor missed the joy of my blank stare. Here's (a crappy iPhone photo of) said instructor indicating her approval of my decision:

Travis, Cookie & me (PixUp)

Speaking of whom.... There was also the matter of this little book that came out that is totally mine by virtue of the fact that my name is in it somewhere and I knit a sock for it. I'm speaking of course of Cookie's sock book (gee, have ya heard about it?) Sock Innovation. Here's the contest part - didn't I mention the contest part? - I'm giving away a copy of this book. You already have it, sure, but do you have a SIGNED copy? No? You can have one of mine, then! The entry is a toughie - leave a comment on this post before Friday, May 15 at midnight (Eastern). Anyone anywhere can enter. Since a bunch of "MINE! GIMME!" comments can get tedious, I'll give you a topic to discuss if you prefer, at your discretion. Here's a starting point:

Guess what...er, who!

We are with child, and I'm now about fourteen weeks along. Discuss. ;-)