Monday, July 14, 2008

I Could Jump Over Watermelon Seeds Near The Monkey Bars

What? That title makes no sense!

Now you're getting a sense for about how discombobulated I am right now. I'm back from San Antonio after being back from South Florida after being back from Key West after being back from Boulder.


Judging by emails I've received with such subjects as "Are you dead?" and "What the hell happened to you?", I'm guessing at least someone has noticed my waning presence - I've not even updated Flickr in ages. (That's what happens when there are 472 photos on your camera.)

Things are NUTS.O. Being back from the trip(s) really doesn't settle anything down much for me. That's about all I can say - give me a couple of weeks, I'll have more details on that..... (Oh - I should note that nothing bad is going on. I can't give many details on the craziness, but it's not bad.)

My best friend's wedding went off GREAT. I finally have photos up from the bachelorette party in Key West, including all our parasailing photos, and I have a ton of photos from the days leading up to the wedding. I do not, notably, have one single photo at all from the wedding day itself. I'm awesome like that. But there's a collection of photos here of everything else.

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

(I'd be the glowing white one in the floppy hat. Bet you can't pick the Welsh girl out of the lineup!!)

This. Was. AWESOME.

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

Waaaaaay up there are Jessi & Lia - Patrick and I went next. It was crazy incredible and not the least bit scary, which surprised me - I was figuring I'd be completely terrified to the point of catatonic, but Patrick and I were jabbering away (about how peaceful it was up there, ironically) and I never even noticed how damned high we were until I reviewed the photos later.

The whole entire experience has been a blast, and I've been the best most supportive maid of honor I know how to be. Observe:

Jessi's Bachelorette Weekend, Key West

I could also be relied on to make sure we got plenty of fried food and booze.

Pre-wedding preparations

And I did of course knit a little something for her:

Pre-wedding preparations

The Eloping garter from the Summer issue of Knitty, knit in Handmaiden Sea Silk laceweight. A quick beautiful knit finished with silk ribbons. I'm pretty sure we skipped it in the frantic wedding prep - we were running late - but I wanted her to have it as a keepsake.

Also, if you've never read the books Lamb, The Handmaid's Tale or Into Thin Air, I recommend all three wholeheartedly - a nice range of humor, drama, and memoir for you. I've suddenly fallen back into mad love with reading and devoured those three in a week. (Well, about a third of Lamb and the entirety of the other two in a week.)

Off to bed I go. If I can find it. I'm still a little dazed and confused....