Monday, July 28, 2008

You Have No Idea


Does anyone even still subscribe to this poor neglected feed? How many blogs do you read daily that said, "Wow, have I really gone (x days/weeks) without posting?" I know, me too - I'm so freaking gone-astray over here. I know. I know. I've been such a hot mess, though, totally frazzled and distracted. Like, I'm trying to get work done and my head is doing something like this:

"...this is deficient, where's the notice? I forgot to look up that roasted beet recipe, crap. Let me do tha...what should I make for dinner tonight? Thai food...but then I have to do tofu and chicken. I wish I remembered what chicken tastes like. Chicken is a funny word if you think about it. How do feathers happen? What time is it? Oh, I left that window open. I should check my email. Wait, I can't do that here. Can I...where am I? At work, right. I wish I had an iPhone, then I...this is deficient, where's the notice? Did I already write that down? I need to print up tags tonight before I forget. Who's the guest judge this week, Mia Michaels? I wish she did more choreography this season. I could dance if I wanted to. Heh, I could leave my friends behind. God, I haven't talked to (insert name of absolutely anyone I know here) in forEVER. Whose phone is that, would someone please answer the damned thing? Oh - 'Hello?'..."

We got a new bed, a Sleep Number, to help with my failure to sleep or function without back pain. It's coming along...strange little adjustment, though, the number system. We keep futzing with it, so my body is totally revolting against the process.

I'm dieting, to help with my failure to sleep, function without back pain, or wear any of the clothing I own. (Letting yourself go after marriage: I'm doin' it right.) So far I've lost about seven pounds and can breathe in most of my pants again. Bonus.

I'm going to be designing another pattern soon - well, more than one, but one's been announced and I'm cool to talk about it - and it's probably going to be awesome. Well, the yarn is going to be awesome. Hopefully my design will live up to it - the October Yarn4Socks kit will feature my sock pattern design and yarn by Dani of Sunshine Yarns. (I KNOW, I love her stuff too!!!) Reserve your kit here!

Knitting? What? I can't hear you la la la .....

And then there's this one other little thing. It's killing me. If you want one reason for my utter failure to blog, this is it - and I STILL can't talk about it. I've been a very busy girl, with a very big project in the works, and I'm worried about my ability to keep my trap shut, so I've gone missing instead of trying to avoid talking about it - which as you can see, I am incapable of doing. Soon, my lovelies, soon. (Please don't leave guesses in the comments. I wouldn't tell you if you were right anyway.) (No, not a baby.)