Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mo' Money, Mo' Money!

Sock yarn does not count. Sock yarn does not count. Sock yarn does not count!!

I finally got in on some Vesper sock in time yesterday, picked up three skeins. (We are at threat level magenta in sock yarn...there's no chance I'll ever knit socks quickly enough to use all this up.) Travis scoffed at my inability to stick to my yarn diet, and I actually Googled "sock yarn yarn diet" to prove to him that sock yarn didn't count. Sure enough, the first three or four hits did the trick. He consents to the difference, but still thinks I'm weak. Yeah, whatever.

So please don't tell him that as soon as this shop restocks, I'll be picking up some Fleece Artist Sea Silk. Sure, I did manage to walk away from Yarns Forever with some Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden, but what I really wanted was the Sea Silk. A bazillion thanks to Vanessa of Coloursknits for giving me the link. (And renewing the itch.)

I've had a weird fixation with my Hanah silk ribbons lately. I've actually even gone so far as to wrap gift packages with them, just because I'm dying to use them. Seems a shame to let something that beautiful waste away. In a fit of boiling hot crazy, I actually wrapped up a return recently in tissue and a bit of Hanah. Granted, it was a return to a great shop and of an item that deserved nothing less than delicate packaging and Hanah silk (not her fault she was being returned), but I had to use the stuff. It's too wonderful to not share, and I don't imagine I'll be knitting 30 projects that call for two yards of ribbon. Fine, I'll admit it - I didn't need the stuff in the first place. But I'm glad I have it. So there. Pbbbt.

I will probably never have an FO to share. I cast on yet another project last night, but with purpose - this one has a deadline. Even if it is 87 days away.