Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Alright, alright....I have to prove that I still knit. Otherwise, when I post all the FANTASTIC stuff that my Secret Pal sent me, you might just say, "Yeah, so? Not like you actually KNIT or anything!" (Note: Flickr's down for now, so I decided to give the Blogger photo thing a shot. Hope it doesn't suck.)

Okay, this isn't actually knitting...this is the single I spindled while in North Carolina. It's that beautiful merino and silk mix I got at Yarn Paradise.

And the close-up:

I also have one-plus socks completed. I had to set the second one aside momentarily to begin a Special Knit. But here's the completed first one - it's the Gentleman's Fancy Sock, in Trekking, for Travis:

I love the calf shaping:

And Travis finished a little swatch while on the way back from North Carolina. We later figured out that he had been knitting a little rainbow in public during Gay Pride Week. No wonder he was getting funny looks at the airport. (They were probably thinking, "That poor has she not figured it out by now?")

Meanwhile, Rooster is loving that I finally did something with that darned cashmere sock yarn - now this box is back on the market:

Okay, now the goods!

Here's the thing. I spend a decent amount of money on yarn. But I'm sort of ridiculous as to what I'll splurge on. I REALLY want a sheep tape measure. I think they're precious....but I can't bring myself to buy one because I can purchase perfectly good tape measures for about two bucks. So I've done without.


Pal, I'm not kidding. I REALLY wanted a sheep tape measure. Badly. I almost cried when I opened the box. It was the first thing I saw, and I actually did a little "I got a sheep tape measure" dance in the middle of the post office lobby. (I never make it home with boxes - I have to open them immediately.) So Noo-Noo and I have been having a grand ol' time. (Yes, I named my tape measure. Yes, I really named it "Noo-Noo". I have no idea why. Travis was messing with it and I cried out, "Leave Noo-Noo alone!!!" I was as stunned as he was....and so the tape measure was named.)

Noo-Noo brought me delicious snacks and beverages!

I love tea. I especially love all black teas, and I especially love Twinings' Earl Grey. Sigh. I freaking LOVE that little dish. And I just got this Bodum steeping cup two days ago, and I found myself stranded at my desk with a leaky tea this dish is PERFECT. Honestly, it's like she has a spy. (*looking around, suspicious*)

And Noo-Noo was afraid I wasn't going to follow through on my promise to myself that I would try dyeing my own yarn soon...

Whee!! WHEE!! WHEE!!!!!!! I can't wait to play with this stuff and make a HUGE MESS!!!! Yeah!!!! (Bonus points to my pal for including a full-color tutorial in order to limit the damage I could do to myself and others, and my kitchen.)

Rooster says:

"Nee-Nee? Num-Num? Whatever, just keep it over there, away from my box."

PS: Pal, you're going to have to tell me where you got those fabulous card/pattern things....they are FANTASTIC.