Monday, July 17, 2006

I May Be Crazy.

I know, STILL no pictures. Shameful. I really would like to have an actually complete project to show you, so I'm stalling.

I have a half-pair (plus) of socks (Trekking!!) unseamed hemp eye pillow (to be stuffed with lavender buds and flax seeds) that I may do some embroidery on to give it a little pizzazz - it's a gift for my one skein secret pal...that beautiful Elsebeth Lavold hempathy sweater that I will love someday, once I figure out how to proceed...the Picovoli I cast on and realized I don't have gauge on, so I need to swatch and wash and see where I end up before I frog...and I really need to cast on for a Special Knit. There's also some spindling, and some stuff Travis has done...

After a brief hiatus of about six months, I'm going back to theatre - and, not to be taken lightly, I'm easing in with some Shakespeare. (And Stoddard.) A friend is directing a joint venture of Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and I picked up most of the comedic roles available in Hamlet, as well as a silly role in R&G. Travis is in the shows too....we should have a grand ol' time. (And I actually held up the audition at one point - I was called on to read for a scene and I declared, "Wait, just let me finish this row." Oh, they're gonna looooove me.)

You know, I really liked Grumperina's half-pair sock "exchange". What a great idea for a secret pal swap, don't you think? Hmmmm. According to what I hear, it's been done before. Anyone know anything about that?