Friday, June 13, 2008

Colorado = Not Hot

All I really wanted out of Colorado was to not be hot. And it's not. So this is pretty much the best vacation ever. Right before taking off for this I was checking out my leave spreadsheet and it appears I have taken all of two days off since the beginning of the year. That is, uh, kind of not a lot for me. At all. No wonder I was getting a bit itchy and easily distracted at work. (Can be a problem for a training coordinator. "What you need to do is save these to your folder so that you can open them in Adobe and OOH LOOK AT THE SHINY.......I'm sorry, where were we?")

We have been conducting ourselves with the kind of grace and dignity that is the hallmark of any good houseguest. Immediately upon arriving, Travis locked everyone out of the bathroom and a locksmith had to be called in. (Because the keys to the bathroom were where? In the bathroom, of course!)


Travis is not a locksmith. No success here, but a valiant effort was made to thoroughly confuse Truman.

What's this guy's problem?


I wish I had a picture of the other slip-up, because if I could have captured that brief shining moment on film, it would have been freakin sweet. That was mine, and what I'm about to say will shock and awe those of you who have been privy to my goings-on for some time here - I SAID SOMETHING STUPID. I know. I know. It's bewildering. By stupid, I don't mean like, asking-"What time is it?"-while-standing-in-front-of-a-huge-clock stupid....more like "Iraq has been seeking large quantities of uranium from Africa" stupid. The facial reaction, a little bit kind of horrifying at the time, would have been pretty awesome to share, now.

End of journey - flight to Denver

Also, I'm working on a new sock (handspun)....

Travis' Hat #3
....and Travis has been working on a new hat.

And there were cupcakes. Yeah. What.

Tomorrow, Estes Park Wool Festival! W00t!