Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me = Awesome

Wow, what a snotty post title. But it's okay as long as I acknowledge the snottiness.

So here's a little tiny snippet of crazy-awesome news that I can share with you - I am giving you absolutely all the details I'm allowed to give, and nothing more or less, so here goes:

I'm going to be a published designer in a REAL LIVE BOOK. A design of mine has been submitted and selected for a book of sock patterns to be published by Lark Books! Look for me to become a big(ger) obnoxious(er) snob now that I'm such a big huge fat deal.

(I kid - I'll go big obnoxious snob when I get my own book all to myself. For now I'm just kind of high on life, no nose in the air. Yet.)

I'm really excited, and I look forward to everyone seeing the book when it hits shelves (which is not any time soon, I'll tell you that.)

Next post - big ol' recap of our trip to Boulder and the Estes Park Wool Festival! I have a zillion pictures, and two words for you: sheep balls.

Yeah, it's exactly that. You know you're looking forward to it.

ETA: PS, I was on Lime & Violet Podcast ZOMG WHAT??! Okay, going to have to dash home and listen to that!