Friday, May 02, 2008

Update on Rambouillet & Co.

We have two kittens! FIFTEEN HOURS LATER.

I'm on NO SLEEP. We were calling two different vets, plus my friend - the vets voted that I leave her the hell alone - I might have been stressing her out by poking her every few minutes - and said we should take her to the emergency room if there wasn't anything by 11:00. My friend voted that if Rams was breathing fast and shallow but didn't seem in distress or anything, that she was just in labor, to just wait and let her do her thing and take her to the vet in the morning if there wasn't anything. Since her suggestion sounded cheaper and more reasonable (if Rams is still purring and rubbing on our faces, she can't be all that miserable and stressed out,) we waited until this morning, but still no kitten.

Travis took her to the vet - it is definitely my turn to miss work next time - and they did an x-ray to check positioning and everything, said it looked normal and the kitten was moving, but Rams wasn't pushing. I think most likely it's just that she's just so young and she really wasn't sure what to do. They gave her a shot of something to speed things along....nothing happened....they said they'd give another shot and wait, and if nothing happened, they may have to do a C-section (on a cat, ohmychristexpensive). Fortunately, as Travis was wrapping up to go to work - they told him no point in waiting, and he really can't afford to miss much time right now - the tech came running out and said the second one just came along. FIFTEEN HOURS between kittens. AND! I WASN'T THERE!! What a little brat she is. But I'm proud of her - poor thing is probably completely exhausted, I can't wait to see her and give her some major snuggles. All kinds of great news: no c-section, and the vet didn't even charge for the x-rays, they only charged for the emergency visit (no appointment, obviously) and the shots, so we got out of there for well under a hundred bucks, God bless 'em. Yay, second kitten with no surgery, healthy mama, and a reasonable bill! Best elevenmonthiversary gift EVER! (Today we've been married eleven months, by the way.)

And I'm guessing the father is the fluffy black-and-white wandering around - I was rooting for either him or the orange cat, and rooting hard against the aptly-named wanderer we call Fuggo. The new baby is a tortoiseshell like her momma. I can't wait to get home and get pictures - more updates soon!

Yay, happy healthy Friday to all! May your weekend too be filled with mewing and tiny kittens. :-D