Friday, May 02, 2008

The New Brood

Rambouillet + 2

Here's the new family! The kittens spend most of their time nursing, of course, so it's hard to get pictures of them. The tortie, especially, is quite the little hider, so it's tough to capture her. The black kitty is pretty photogenic though:

Little Merino

See, isn't he cute?! Eyes aren't open yet, as is the norm, but the little guys are already pretty good at makin' noise!

Here's Rams and the elder kitten on his birthday, last night:

Rambouillet + Merino

I don't actually KNOW that it's a boy, obviously, but it's just what I figure. Also, we did pick out names. Rambouillet's kittens are Reno (the black/white) and Corrie (the tortie). Well, those are their nicknames.

Reno, for Merino. Corrie, for Corriedale. When referring to both kittens together? We just say Cormo.


My own cleverness amuses me infinitely. (And I managed to name three cats after FOUR sheep!)

Rambouillet + Merino

"Four?! Wait, what? I'm DONE with the kittens, right?? Oh....I get what you mean. Whew."