Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rectangles, Unsupervised:

So since it seems like all my knitting projects will be under wraps for a while, I'll make sure to do some sewing projects I can show off. I know you may not read this for the sewing, but I gotta give up something for viewing!

I've been working on my rectangles. My pillowcase remains alone, and I've moved on to other kinds of rectangles. Some I'll share later, to keep things spread out, but for now, let's see.

We have rectangles with zippers:

Zipper Pouch

And with lining rectangles, too! I used this tutorial to sew this little pouch, using a Japanese fabric obtained from this shop, and a simple cotton lining fabric from a local shop. Once I had it down, whipping one of these up took about 30 minutes, if that, so I made up a few.

The project I'm most proud of from this weekend, though, is my pleated rectangle:


With a tiny trimmed rectangle for pocket! And another tiny rectangle for towel loop! (Which is purely for show, because if I DID have the forethought necessary to thread a towel through that loop before I started my cooking, before the day was out I would inevitably light it on fire while hanging over the oven.)

This one came complete with long skinny rectangles at the back:


I'm way excited about this apron - I love the fabrics (Heather Bailey Freshcut with matching solid cotton trim, from a local shop) and the pattern, from Amy Butler's In Stitches. (Yeah, are her patterns crazy-specific or what??)


I have a shop recommendation - Elm Studios Online makes the cutest little dishes, plates, and keepsakes. But wait, there's more!

awww ... stupid post office

This is what my unfortunate-but-lovely plate looked like when it got to me. This is not for lack of trying on Elm's part - the plate was wrapped in tissue, then bubble wrap, then nestled in shredded paper. It was simply the box - stamped fragile, mind you - that could not withstand the severe drop kicking the postal service gave it (seriously, do you SEE that box?? How much do they hate small boxes, to treat them like this?) I emailed the seller just to let her know, and within minutes she had sent me a message apologizing profusely and offering to ship a replacement immediately. Sweet! Her prices are unbeatable, her items are adorable, and her customer service is AWESOME! Big fat recommend!


And now, a Kitten Update:

Corrie says hi again, this time with her eyes open!


(I know it looks like I'm squeezing her to death, but I'm only keeping a loose hold on her - she's really just that tiny!)

And Rambouillet is thrilled she had babies. They make good pillows.

Glad I had kittens...

Reno's all, "Ooof!! Mama! Whatchou doin'??? Gitoff!!"