Friday, May 09, 2008

Weekend Update

I feel like I left everyone hanging. It's been almost a week! Let me start by wishing a Happy Mother's Day to those of you who have ever been a mother or had a mother. And for those of you who have not, I'll say, "What the hell...?"

Kitten Status: Excellent. They're fat and adorable, and Corrie's eyes are opening (she is also damn loud - I think she's part Celine Dion). I was almost certainly correct in estimating Reno at "male" - there appear to be sprouting little indicators to confirm that...

Best Friend's Wedding Status: Imminent. The shower is May 17, and I'm very excited about that. The bachelorette party - a long weekend in Key West, woot! - is also imminent, and I'm even more excited about that! TEQUILA!!!

Sewing Status: Progressing. I started an apron in Tuesday night's class. I'm probably too excited on that note, so let's move on before I start espousing my incredible gift for pinning paper to fabric and making stitches in a (mostly) straight line. (I'm also a mean seam presser-outer, but really, I don't want to brag.)

Aging Status: Unabated. I'm approaching my 29th birthday - I can't believe it's that far into the year already - and birthdays normally have little effect on me, but 29.... That's the age my mom was when she had me, man. After 29 comes 30, which I'm not dreading or anything, but the 30s are when I have to stop being a big old selfish baby and start thinking about growing up and doing that whole family thing. (Don't I make it sound like that would be the worst thing ever? Of course I'm anxious to expand our family - but I'm maybe not looking forward to giving up all that couch time.)

Knitting Status: Secret. I'm afraid I won't have much to offer here for the next couple of months. I've received some intriguing emails and contacts, and so I'm going to be working on some things. (Yep, vague. Sorry, that's the best I can do.)

Wool Festival Status: Approaching overkill. We've booked our trip to Colorado in June for Estes Park - I'm very excited about that because I'll get to pal around with Kristi for several days, yay! - and I've made the arrangements for lodging for Taos Wool in October. Add to that the ever-present North Carolina SAFF at the end of October, plus a possible detour to Rhinebeck if the money holds up (I'm hopeful but not entirely optimistic, we'll see), and it's going to be a wooly few months!

Good News Status: Middling at best. Unfortunately, there have been two very tragic turns of events in lives of two friends. One I wouldn't really want to talk about, but the other - a good friend from high school, and my best friend's bridesmaid, is a horse trainer in Kentucky (yes, again with Kentucky - I'm not kidding) and was thrown on Wednesday. She broke her back - fractured a vertabrae, and while she's expected to recover, surgery is up in the air right now. (My husband said, "Oh God, she's not paralyzed is she?" and I responded, "No, she's..." And suddenly it hit me. Oh God, she could have been paralyzed. But she wasn't. Thank you Jeebus for that blessing.) So for the next few months, we'll be trying to talk Bekah into a nice desk job post-recovery. (She loves her job. I'm so glad she loves her job. But dammit, I'd rather she be unhappy at work and still walking around, like the rest of us are.) Please send thoughts and prayers and energy for a speedy recovery (and a "surgery won't be necessary" diagnosis) in the direction of Kentucky.

Oh, and by the way: Kentucky? F**k you. I've had about enough of your crap.