Friday, May 23, 2008


First, thanks everyone for all the kind words, comments, emails - I appreciate the support, sympathy, and kindness. I'm feeling a little less worn down now, and I got a good amount of sleep last weekend, which helped a bit...

So let's talk sewing stuff. I wanted to make a pretty summery skirt to wear to my best friend's shower, so I stayed up late on Friday night working myself to a frenzy (because that's really what I needed just then, to stay up until 1:00 a.m. sewing...) When it was all over, it was .... well, pretty terrible. I wore jeans to the shower, 'kay? Then, because I couldn't bear that I'd ruined such a large amount of pretty Amy Butler fabric, I cut it down, removed the zipper and the most offensive portion of the skirt (an extended contrasting waistband that SO did not work out the way Butterick or God had intended) and hacked away at it until I had this:

My first garment (in years anyway)

It didn't turn out half-bad, for a slapdash hack job. The finishing leaves something to be desired, and I had to cheat a lot - my hem is pretty atrocious, because I couldn't fold it under or it would be just *thismuch* too short. The length here is exactly right. Another half inch and I would have hated it.

Part of getting the length right involved making this a little more low-slung than most of my skirts are. Borderline obscene, really.

My super-low-slung skirt

I wore it to work on Wednesday, though, and got several compliments on it. (I also got to share a lot of information with a lot of people on the street at lunchtime - it was, uh, kind of a windy day. As my skirt blew up over my freaking head and I showed my panties to the entire world, I thought, "NOOOO!!! These seams look AWFUL! Everyone can see them!!" Fun little TMI sidenote to that story - discovered that night as I got ready for bed that I'd been wearing my underpants inside out. God I hate it when that happens. Wonder if anyone noticed. Hey, wasn't that an extra-special glimpse into my life?)

Okay, so anyway. About that shower:

Jessi's shower

It was a blast. I got to make Jessi wear a plastic foam bra molded into parrots. There aren't many occasions where I get to whip out a parrot bra, at least in my life, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity. (It was a lot of fun anyway, parrots notwithstanding.) We celebrated our birthdays too, by spoiling each other rotten to the best of our abilities. (She won. She always does. I got some crazy awesome stuff. In a related note, the book Organic Kitchen rocks.)

I made a purse too, the Amy Butler Frenchy bag - a pattern I selected mainly based on the fact that I rabidly wanted to sew a purse and, well, it was the only Amy Butler pattern the shop had. I'm choosy like that.

Frenchy purse

I love the fabric - the lining is a camel-coloured woven like the brown used for the top of the bag. I would love to tell you what the fabric is, but I have no earthly idea. I'll have to check it out at the sewing shop on Saturday.

I also made a bigass tote bag for my best friend for her honeymoon:

Tote bag

Along with a handy carrying pouch for it:

Button pouch for tote

And a little lined zippy pouch to go with, for carrying wallet/ID/passport, all that stuff one might need on a honeymoon:

zippered pouch

So yep, that's what I've been up to. Lotta sewing. (Kitten photos, I know, I know - I'll get around to it, I swear!)

Guess what? Travis is on Ravelry now. :-D

Hey, so my birthday is on Wednesday the 28th - I only point it out because it seemed like a good time for a sale. I want people to buy stuff from my shop so I have money to buy myself presents. Generous of me, ain't it? Heh. So anyway, everything in the shop is 15% off between now and Wednesday. (Prices haven't been changed - revised invoices are easier.)