Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yet Another New Pattern!

I'm on a roll, though, ain't I? Kinda makes up for the fact that my only FO of the year so far is the Cobblestone. Well, and these:

Inviting 5

There's a special significance to this pattern. This is my Bob's Party Socks pattern. Why Bob? (Uh, why NOT Bob?)

Inviting 2

The stitch pattern I was playing with was called Raveling Leaves, which of course made me think of Ravelry. This was written as a Ravelry celebration sock. ("Whee! Got my invite!" Remember those days?)

Inviting 4

The yarn is wonderful stuff, the merino/silk/nylon base sprinkled liberally with real silver, and was custom-dyed by Helen of Painted Skeins to match the Ravelry logo. It came without a name, but I dubbed it "Ravelberry" 'cuz I'm nerdy like that.

Inviting 3

This is my first for-sale-by-me pattern - I've provided free patterns, now it's time for a little dough. BUT! The dough's not for me. All proceeds from the sale of this pattern will go straight back to Ravelry!! I'd really appreciate it if you'd buy it, pimp it on your blog/flickr/rav boards, whatever - it's not about me, I swear - it's about making coin for Rav! I'd love to come up with a HUGE pile of money for them!

Download the pdf from Ravelry for a $5 donation!

Ravelry Bitty 2

See, Bitty's got her socks, and she's STILL waiting on that invite! Come on, Bob!