Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Happies

A friend of mine from college has this thing she does called "Happies". There's a whole set of rules to Happies (your happy can't be someone else's sad, you can't repeat someone else's happy, etc.) and we do them before meals. It's a great way of starting out a meal on a really positive note, and it tends to keep the mood high. And I don't have much knitting or spinning to show due to a smashed thumb - a rather ill-timed smashed thumb, since I had self-imposed some pretty important deadlines and smashing my right thumb in the pantry door kind of left me knitless for about a week. So instead, happies!

Happy the First: My final installment of Scout's Indie Swag!

Scout's Indie Swag, February

This one's a little bittersweet - I LOVED this club and was so lucky to be a part of it, and I'm quite sad that it's coming to an end. She's doing another round of it - though it's formatted more as a sock club, without the swaggy stuff - but due to budgetary constraints, I have to sit it out. This was, bar-none, the best sock club I've been a part of. Worth every last little penny. The swag was always great - this month was a bone shawl pin from Designs by Romi, a pattern from Romi, and this lovely yarn from Scout.

Happy the Second: My new coat!


Love the colour! It's been a bit grey/windy/rainy/cool here lately, but I feel so great walking down the sidewalk in this cheery turquoise trench. And it was cheap! (Yay Target! It's a really well-made coat, too, quite sturdy with nice finishing.)

Happy the Part C: My herb garden!

Got tired of buying herbs

I get tired of buying fresh herbs all the time, but my thumb is a crusty brown colour, not green! I'm hoping I can do a better job with this garden. I love the planter - sassy red. Hot.

Happy the Four: I make stitch markers now!

I make stitchmarkers now.

Shoddy picture, but you get the idea. I'll be selling these in the shop as they come together. They're Posh Markers - glass beads with sterling silver findings. The larger ones will fit up to a US5, I think - I'll test it before I make the guarantee - and the smaller ones fit up to a 2.50mm needle (US 1 1/2). Those aren't entirely practical, so I wasn't sure I was going to sell them until I came up with a name I couldn't resist. Teeny markers = Marktinis! (I'm a dork.)

Happy the Where Am I: Bumper stickers that make me snort:


Heh. Heh heh.

Happy the Who's Counting Anymore: MY ROOM!!!!



The wall o' yarn and crap

In case you don't remember where I'd last left it - it was hideous.

Rooster's very happy to have his place back too.

I am STOOOOKED!! It's so clean and organized now - I threw away SO. MUCH. CRAP. - and it's decorated and everything! (And Rooster is so beyond thrilled - he loves this room. He sits outside it and whines when the door is closed. So do I.)

Books and dyestuffs and other yarns and ...whatever.

The only "problem" with the room is that it's a little rear-heavy (join the club). The room is at the front of the house on the second story, and there's all this amazing light because the whole front wall is windows - it's wonderful for natural light and photographs and work, but it's not so great for furniture placement - so everything is on the far wall.

Finally, I can work from home!

And I finally have a viable desk/workstation/sewing table. I'll now be working from home - just one day a week, but I've been dragging my feet on taking them up on the deal because it's so difficult to do without any kind of dedicated work space. Now that I have this nice desk area, I'm all set!

So despite my poor smushey thumb, things are going pretty great. Hurray!

Oh, and if you want to try The Best Macaroni And Cheese Ever OhMyGod, here's the recipe. Cheers!