Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm Still All About Me.

Lest anyone should think my selfless knitting for the hubby that I showed off yesterday indicates that I'm turning over some new unselfish leaf: HA!!!

This post is all about me. If you find me dull or uninteresting or self-indulgent, then you should: a) pat yourself on the back, you may be right; and, b) skip this post. (But there's fun stuff amidst all the indulgence.)

First of all, the big exciting news: you can buy my handspun yarns at The Sweet Sheep! Look here!! (Anything with a "YO" in the title is mine. All fiber is dyed by Michelle, Ms. Sweetie herself.) I'm in the wholesale business now! Wow! There's still items, all on sale, in my shop, but if you want finer weights, sport/DK or fingering, they're all to be found in Michelle's shop - I was saving up my sock mojo for her. :-)

Okay, so let's talk about my awesome mail day. In addition to my final Scout's Swag club installment (which I'll talk about in the next post,) I got this wicked package from Kristi. Kristi got to go to Stitches last week, and in order to get me to shut up about it and quit bugging her about who she's seen and what she's petted, she sent me a care package. Don't you wish you were as annoying as me so people would give you shut-up gifts??

Kristi rules.

Check it! Much-coveted Ravelry t-shirt and pins (neener!!), some wonderful fabrics for spinning (or sewing, maybe sewing...I can picture a little coin purse in that nummy orange one), and some awesome fibers for carding and playing with. Woohoo!!

Speaking of nummy orange things:

My almost-but-totally-not-even-close birthday present

I bought this for myself on my husband's birthday. After calling him and asking him if he wanted to go ahead and get me a birthday present. Which he did. So I bought it. I've been needing a good laptop/travel bag, and this one is PERFECT. And ORANGE. And it was on sale at the outlet. It was a good day. (Maybe even as good as the day I had at Jo-Ann's on Sunday, when the checkout girl rocked my whole world by scanning a "40% off item" coupon for almost all of my purchases instead of just one. And also somehow - and I wish I'd noticed this before I got home, I would have made sure they fixed it - I paid $1.79 for ten yards of muslin.)

A not-my-birthday present for me!

Someone at the Tumi design house is a knitter. There's a freaking notions bag. Plus tons of pockets, plus a mesh divided pocket compartment on the inside, perfect for WIPs. Come ON! Awesome much? (And with my new Ravelry pins on the strap, it's even more awesome. What.)

I have other self-centered things I could go on about, but that'll do for today. I'll carry my egocentric ramblings on into tomorrow. I have to share a little bit of potential sacrilege with you before I go, though.

I found this pamphlet at the post office, and I believe it's for a Franciscan church, so I can only assume this is supposed to be a monk. But....

Obi Wan doesn't care for your Jesus figure

....whatever, that is TOTALLY Obi-Wan. And Obi-Wan, from the looks of things, doesn't necessarily approve of this Jesus guy. Interesting that this is supposed to be pro-Jesus, and this guy looks confused. (Doesn't Obi-Wan the monk kind of look perplexed about the Jesus, like he's trying to decide if he's supposed to eat it or what?)

And that's your daily reassurance that I'm probably going straight to hell without passing Go. Happy knitting!!