Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Updates and Stuff

Thanks so much to everyone who's purchased the Bob's Party Sock pattern so far! I love making Ravelry money - it's great fun, and I appreciate everyone's support, kind words, and purchases. :-)

I spent the weekend doing all sorts of fun things:


Dress shopping with Patrick and my best friend for her wedding in West Palm. We found a beautiful dress for only $99, though time will tell whether that dress "sticks" or we find another. (I ended up with two, why should anyone else be any different? Still, a hot dress for $99, who could pass that up?) We had lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger (they DO have a veggie burger!) and drank shakes and ate fried food - it was AWESOME.

Then when I got home on Sunday, I got to work.

my 'dye studio'

I set up the "dye studio" on the front porch and went to town with the acquisitions from the yarn sale last month. (There will be a shop update tomorrow with all the stuff I dyed. There's about, um, ten skeins, I think? Or rather sets of skeins - I'll quietly disclose here that I used Koigu as the fingering base, Louet Sport for the sport base, and I have three additional skeins of a merino/nylon yarn base obtained from another source. And always with the caveat that who knows when I'll have any more, since I do this sort of thing very rarely, and all the colours are limited edition, non-repeatable, all that fun stuff.)

While I was out there, this happened:

Did you doubt when I said my neighbours were bad?

To anyone who ever doubted that the new neighbours were pretty bad. This was a domestic disturbance call (which I'm proud to say I did not make, though I thought about it - however, I was concerned that it'd be pretty obvious that the chick who'd witnessed all the screaming from the front porch was the one who called) and best I can tell, it was the two brothers who were involved, and the mother called the police. Hurray. One of the guys got hauled off in that car on the left. Sigh - it used to be a lovely quiet family neighbourhood...

And finally, for the mandatory dose of cuteness to follow all stories of arrest, I present Rooster's Favourite New Place To Hang Out:

Rooster boa.