Thursday, March 20, 2008


When I'm desperate for material, I turn to my old standby, the old Who's-Googled-Me-For-What-fu. Today I have probably the best one ever. First, I'll share the runner-up: "my plump bottom". Fair enough. I do indeed possess one of those. The winner....I don't know, I think I'll save that for the end of the post. Allow for some suspense.

El Capitan will be taking a new position with a related Government Agency. I sort of fear change, at least when it comes to a shift in Capitans. And it wasn't so bad - I've certainly worked for crazier people. Also, he laughs like Dr. Hibbert, which I always found sort of entertaining.

Oooh, I have an exciting custom project coming up, one I can actually talk about - nice change - and you're gonna love it. I'm making raccoon boots. (It's okay, take a moment to let that sink in.) A friend of mine has a sister who took in a badly injured raccoon - poor little guy fell out of a tree, if my unimpressive memory serves - and due to his injuries, his little raccoony feet get really cold. They've tried a variety of tiny sock-like options, but nothing works, so I'm designing some custom booties to keep the little guy a little happier, hopefully. I love this idea - I think it's going to be a lot of fun. They have oddly-shaped and structured little feet and limbs, so there's some interesting angles and shaping to play with.

I'm knitting stuff!

In Progress - Avery

The Avery Baby Sweater, by Kristi Geraci, which is a really great pattern. (Queue or buy on Ravelry.) I'm tinkering ever so slightly with the pattern, just to add a few stitches and rows (can that even be called tinkering, really?) because I'm knitting it in a sportweight yarn rather than the worsted called for. I just couldn't pass up using this Socks That Rock - it's a perfect boy-sweater yarn. (Of course, with my views on babies and colour, I wouldn't have a problem with knitting it in hot pink for a boy, but I try not to foist my weird psychology-of-infants-and-child-rearing opinions off on others, so out of respect for the parents, I'm conforming.)


In Progress - Wollmeise Knee Sock

A knee sock in Wollmeise, Red Hot Chili colourway, no pattern 'cuz I'm making it up. This will probably take eons because it's my simple dull knitting, which I only work on when I'm on the phone or in a movie theatre or something like that, where little to no attention is required. (Oh, and both project bags pictured are from Piddleloop. Don't you love my monkey/crab bag? And can you tell my colour compulsion extends to needing my bags to match my projects?)

The shop update went moderately well, and I'm toying gently with the idea of starting to dye yarn regularly, but I'm worried about it - because, as I put it to a friend, there really just aren't enough dyers in the world, and with my staggering fame, how could I ever keep up with demand? (Which is my way of saying, "Would I sell a damned thing?")

Okay, you've been patient. Here's my official new favourite Google search term that somehow - God only knows how - landed someone on my blog. I am both concerned that I discussed anything that was similar to this topic, and acutely worried about the sort of person who'd be looking into this.

"rent a baby"

Uh. Yikes.