Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yet Another Pattern, And Some Potential News

Ribs & Seeds

Another of my creations for fabulous Roxanne and her fabulous yarns - this one is also available from Zen Yarn Garden's online shop or Etsy store.

Ribs & Seeds

Called "Ribs & Seeds" - for the popular epicurean directive, "jalapenos, ribs & seeds removed" - this is probably one of my most thought-out patterns. I charted the whole thing from scratch, without really using any particular inspiration other than what I pictured in my head. (More frequently, I'm inspired by a stitch pattern or something I see, rather than something I make up from nothing.) I had a lot of fun making this one, and it feels most like "my own" creation.

Ribs & Seeds

Funny to put this picture after all that bombast about my creation - okay, the front is pretty unadorned because I was also trying for a slightly more unisex look to the design, so all the cabling fanciness is centered up the back. The colourway isn't particularly manly, but that's a good thing, since the finished socks won't be for a man. (And I love this yarn base, as I have all of Roxanne's yarns - this is the Bamboolicious blend, which I believe is the first bamboo blend sock yarn I've knit with - there's no shortage in stash, but ... well, it's stash.)

My twee Avery baby sweater is coming along nicely:


I can say that now. Yesterday I had a bit of a fit, as in all my infinite wisdom, I misplaced the arms. Since I can't come up with any babies I know of off the top of my head who have arms jutting out of the middle of their chest and back, I had to rip and redo that part. But I'm loving the pattern, and the yarn, and the combination of pattern and yarn.

Also, I spun this:


I called it "Kalamata", from a Yarn Wench fiber in "Olive Grove". Her colourway name was pretty perfect, so I didn't go very far left of center in picking my name. This is a superwash merino, spun up to sport weight for a swap. It was also the last of my Yarn Wench, so I'm looking forward to an update.

Finally, the potential news. I may be shifting my views slightly on something I said I wasn't terribly interesting in doing - because said thing has gone relatively well those few times I've tried it, and I think it may be worth pursuing. Any guesses? I'll give you some hints. It involves turning this place (on the left):

Oh my yes.  A studio AND a treehouse - both wired for electricity.  Really.

Into a place where I can be quite productive to the benefit of this place, with the help of these people. Care to take a guess? And any thoughts on that? Would anyone who's indulged in some of my product care to weigh in also? I probably shouldn't trip into this as lightly as I do everything else...