Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sad/Happy, Happy/Sad

It's been kind of an up-and-down week. First of all, a sweet blogfriend lost her precious kitty, and that has kept me sad for a few days, because I know how very close they two were. (Rooster knows it too - he's been staying even closer than usual to me ever since I teared up and announced to my hubby that "Jiva lost her Rooster". If I explain it that way, he knows it means they were very close. I love all of my pets dearly and more than life, but Rooster and I definitely share a bond.)

Speaking of bonds, Bitty's been feeling pretty bonded to something lately:

Poor bitty....again

Poor Bitty! Her bootie's healed, but now she has a corneal hernia (fancy term for "eye bruise") and we have to keep her in this cone thing so she won't mess with it. We also have to inject ooze into her eye every few hours, and the ooze happens to be plasma from her own blood. While it's pretty cool to be cured by your own blood, it's a little heebie-inducing for me, so the eyedrops are totally Travis' department.

Progress on The Project continues at a surprising clip - I've been able to work on it quite a bit, so I'm making pretty decent time.

El Capitan had asked me to attend some training this week, and I wasn't looking forward to it too much, until I got there. It's not like I was dreading it, but I didn't realize how awesome (and widely used) the software I was learning would be. Turns out that the skills I'm acquiring pretty much will make me a Tech Writer, a position that I've always thought would suit me rather well. (I love to tell people what to do, I'm anal retentive, and I'm a nerd.) Not that it means I'd have any desire to leave my current job - but with the economy the way it is, it's nice to acquire any and all marketable skills, you know, just in case.

Hey, also, it's one of those nice times when I can tell you why it seems like I never knit:

Daydreamer Socks

My latest pattern for Zen Yarn Garden, the Daydreamer Socks (Ravelry link), is now available in her shop. May I recommend the cashmere? (Oh yeah. It's pretty sweet.)

As long as I'm talking about my patterns, I should mention that I uploaded all my free patterns to Ravelry today, so you can download them right from there now, if you like.

Promptly after my vote was submitted, my candidate dropped out of the race. How's that for making you feel like a blight? (And yet, what an odd time to step back. I heard a very interesting theory in conversation with someone this week, someone who's involved enough in politics to qualify as a voice of authority, and basically, in a surprise-but-not-really twist, it would amount to an Al Gore / Barack Obama ticket. Let me be the first to say that I am ALL FOR THAT.)

I'm heading down south this weekend (Miami!) to spend a few days with my best friend Jessi and another good friend - Jessi's wedding fast approaches (squee!) and we get to spend some time looking at dresses and just basically reverting to high school and being silly. I'm looking forward to it very much!

And when I return, there's a shop update scheduled for Sunday night. (Yes, yes, right in the middle of the Super Bowl. I know it's probably not the best time, but I'm not exactly Sundara here, so it's not like stuff flies off the shelf.) There will be twelve (twelve!!) new handspun skeins up for grabs.

Preview you say? Here's ten of 'em:

Handspun Collection

Yeah, so that's what I've been up to. I was shooting for fifteen skeins, but I now have noticed something that feels like tennis elbow in my left arm, so I think I'm done spinning until after I get back - my body is definitely telling me to give the repetitive motion a rest.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Snuggles and happy knitting - give your pets a big hug. (Or kids, if you have those instead. Or yarn. You know, whatever fluffy stuff you got lyin' around, just pick it up and give a snorgle.)