Tuesday, February 05, 2008


You won't be seeing this again any time soon.


Not that you've seen it any time in the last, oh, say, two years. Which is why I finally sold my bike. We listed it on eBay THREE TIMES, dropping the reserve a bit more each time (and then trying to make a deal with the people who won but didn't reach the reserve, only suddenly they didn't want to buy it anymore). So now it's finally gone (or at least the auction has ended and pickup has been arranged.) I should have sold the thing like, oh, two years ago. Because what did I pick up right after the bike?

You guessed it.

What's This One For?

Knitting. Specifically, sock knitting. And with that, my passion for motocross died. And my poor Travis' hope of having a daredevil woman died as well. However, I'm fairly certain he's secretly glad, as I was at least as likely to be found under the bike as on it, and he spent a lot of time squeezing my extremities and saying, "Does this hurt? How about this, does it feel tender here?" And I'm fairly certain my appearance at work wasn't especially professional with great bruises and road rash on my face and arms.

See, I didn't halfass anything. Gonna ride, might as well ride. And don't waste time steering. My days on the bike would go something like this: Full throttle straight ahead, until running into a fence or tree. Fall over. Get picked up by Travis and turned ninety degrees. Repeat into side of shed. Repeat into fence on other side of property line. Repeat into dog kennel. And so on. Thankfully he loved me enough to not point me directly at the lake behind his house, or God knows the bike and I both would have drowned there in the reeds. I did eventually pick up steering, but all four of my limbs were not usually willing to work closely together, so there was a lot of turning-and-falling-over or turning-and-choking-the-clutch or turning-and-screaming-for-help. It's probably for the best that I took up knitting. Not that I haven't done damage to myself with pointy sticks, but the pointy sticks move much more slowly than the 120 cc engine. (I should note that most of the major running into stuff was done on his bike. By the time I'd gotten my own bike, I had gotten steering down pretty pat but was starting to gain interest in socks.)

Look what else I found while I was fishing around for these pictures:

Nameless Baby

Baby Brodie!! These were the first photos we ever saw of him. (And my first hint that this was NOT going to be a six-pound MinPin like Bitty is.)

Did I mention the shop update this past Sunday? (I know, I'm completely shameless. I'm also in need of funds to continue to pay stupid vet bills. Damned corneal hernia.) I'd like all that stuff bought so it's not sitting on my dining room table. I can hear them talking. They're planning to knit themselves into a blanket. Help!

I picked a favourite:


Yep, the orange one. Well, duh.

Super Tuesday folks, hope you're getting out and voting. Don't care who for - just vote!

Happy knitting!