Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh. My. God.

I used to say I thought $25 was pushing it for a skein of hand-dyed merino sock yarn. More than that, I'm not likely to bite.

Dudes, I've been dyeing all day, and let me tell you, if someone charges $45 for a skein of sock yarn, I'm not going to think that's unreasonable. 'Cuz this process SUCKS.

(See, it started with me dyeing up some fiber as requested. However, since I ended up having to buy acid dyes and a pot - the Wilton dyes were not working out for me at ALL - I figured I'd do some yarn too so I could spread out the costs. After all, I had quite a few skeins of different brands of natural-coloured yarns to play with, because I kept saying I was going to do some dyeing one of these days.)

When these are done, I'll post them in the shop. And they will be some serious limited editions, because I don't see my ass doing this again ANYtime soon. I'd like to thank all of you who dye yarn. You're all my heroes.


Saturday's Work

Also, PS: Major huge crazy sale at Woolgirl right now. Great stuff....tough to resist!! (I warned you, 'kay?)