Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Don't Do Resolutions

I really don't. But I do like to remind myself each year of the things I'm supposed to be doing. So, in no particular order:

1. Take better care of hands. Use the Nailtiques treatments Mom gave me for Christmas on a regular basis. (The workshops I teach require detailed photos, and gnarly looking hands are not cute in those photos.)

2. Observe serious crunch time on budget. The expense of living in Florida has gotten to be rather dire, and I've been ignoring that. Stick to a strict budget. (Or, in the alternative: 2b. Look for a job as a hired assassin. A few kills and we'll be back on our way into the black.)

3. Should 2b become necessary, take sharpshooting lessons.

4. See close friends and family more often. Be less of a hermit. (I should commit to that.)

5. Eat at home WAY more. Try to stick to cooking up large dishes on weekends for freezing.

6. Find a good balance among the crafts. I felt like I never got anything done as it was, and now add a carder and a sewing machine into the mix...

7. Knit patterns written by others once in a while. Life has become pretty design-centric for me, and I do occasionally miss knitting for the sake of knitting.

8. Exercise, take dogs for more walks. Or, at the very least, play Dance Dance Revolution for 30 minutes four times a week.

Okay, so these are all pretty do-able. They kind of have to be, really - these are all things that I CAN do. These are not out of reach...except the stuff that requires not being lazy and couch-bound. Those goals are tougher for me. But I'll do my best.

I'd like to thank you all for not calling me a spoiled stupid brat after my Christmas post. If it helps, I'd also like to assure you that I expect little to nothing in the way of birthday presents this year. (That's in May. I'll still be reeling from Christmas.)

Additionally, for the record, the animal perched atop my father's head is an arctic fox. Some of you were suspicious of how catlike it was. I don't blame you.

Arctic Fox

But no one was more aware of this, I'm sure, than my parents' cat. Observe her narrow-eyed suspicious gaze:

This'll do

She's ready to bolt at any minute, should my dad get any kind of crazy look in his eye that indicates he'd like a matching scarf.

So. 2007. Knitting.

I'm not going to do the collage thing for a 2007 knitting recap. You can see all my 2007 knits (including some that got absolutely no blog play) by visiting this photoset. You can see all of 2007's handspun in this photoset. (And some from 2006. I'll start splitting those up by years too, I suppose.)

I did figure I should do an official best-of sort of Knit of 2007 thing. And I'm sure, for those of you who have been reading for a while, that you'll NEVER guess which knit I chose.

Bellocq 5/28

Yep, you got it. The ubiquitous Bellocq Wedding Stockings. The great interminable knit. Was that fun or what? (Actually, I'm being sarcastic - I really loved the pattern, and I never got bored. I do still kinda hate the pooling though.)

Bellocq with something blue

I also loved that I used one of Aija's stitchmarkers as a "something blue" on them. And all the attention they got was kind of fun too.

Oh, and for my Post of 2007, I have to go with the post about Travis' first sock. You know the one.

So that's it! 2007 is over, 2008 is upon us, and I have big things planned. (Okay, I kind of don't. But I'm planning to plan big things. Or at least think of big things. Like elephants. Those are big. See, look at me, with my big thoughts.)

Happy New Year!