Wednesday, November 07, 2007

WIP and News!

Several people commented on Travis' likelihood of injuring me when he discovered the photo of him snuggling with Brodie on my blog and Flickr. I figured I'd ask him (two days later) if it was okay if I posted that photo...he shrugged and said, "A man and his dog is a beautiful thing. Besides, every time you take a picture I figure it's going up on the blog. If I ever object, I'll let you know." (Re: the first sentence: awwwww! Travis is Brodie's best friend in the whole world - it really IS a beautiful thing.) But yeah, thinking back on how many objections I've received to photos (zero) and how many pictures I've taken that I wouldn't consider blog-appropriate (ew, no, get your mind out of the gutter) - well, clearly I've married a very tolerant man.

Hey, wanna see my new children?

Wollmeise collection

Kathleen brought these babies back from Germany with her - we placed an order while she was over there, and they came home with me last night. Aren't they glorious? Mmmm....someday I should actually KNIT with the Wollmeise, since I now have a bona fide collection of the stuff.

In WIP News:

The Hemlock Ring is up to Round 66 - I've been on Jared's chart for about 20 rounds now, and I just hit the point where I have 280 stitches per round. And the going gets slower.

Hemlock progress

Dale-Harriet, my new adoptive aunt :-), asked for pictures of a finished Hemlock Ring - if I had to direct you one place, it would be to the source! Check out Jared's Hemlock Ring post. There are quite a few of these finished babies floating around on the Internets, although oddly enough I've not seen one knit in a yarn that's quite as variegated as what I'm using. I hope I end up liking this in the end. More importantly, I hope Mom does. Mom is big on bold colours, jewel tones and the like, but she also loves fall and the crispness in the North Carolina air and the changing leaves on their property - so I selected this colourway more for symbolic reasons.

Okay, so are you ready for the big news? This is pretty exciting (and also quite possibly not as groundbreaking as I'd hoped since the ONE TIME Bloglines immediately picked up my feed was the one time I was drafting and really didn't mean to hit publish, so you might have glimpsed this one already...)

I have a new fancy sock pattern for sale out there in the world! Thanks to Aija (you rule!), Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden contacted me about designing a pattern for her sock clubs. It's been sent out to her club participants, and now it's available to the public in her Etsy store and her shop! Yay!! She's selling the pattern on its own, as well as a kit that includes a semi-solid yarn for the sock. (And seriously, not because I worked with her but because her yarn is for-real amazing, you should totally go for the kit. One of my most favourite yarns I've ever worked with, ever!)

So you can buy the pattern alone, or this kit (which is the colourway I used), or this kit (which is a colourway I covet now).

(You can buy the pattern and kits through her non-Etsy shop, too...I have faith that you're smart enough to find them, so I won't continue to link you to death.)

And so here's the Reims Stocking in all its glory!

Reims left

Reims up-shot

Reims back

Happy knitting!