Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Enableage, Some Cute Pictures, And I'm Still Trying To Get A Decent Shot Of That Hemlock Ring...

Okay, so:

Sunshine Yarns has done an update today, and there are a lot of wonderfully luscious colourways. I'm just saying.

The Raven series is up at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I didn't order any (I know!!) but I may eventually. I have a hard time narrowing down which one(s) intrigue(s) me the most.

Woolgirl is having a November Sale! Details on what's on sale here. And for my friends up north, The Sweet Sheep is having a sale! Well, I guess not just for the up-northers. US peeps, send Michelle all your worthless American money! (It's so embarrassing - I heard on NPR last night that Giselle Bundchen has altered her supermodel contracts to request that she be paid in Euros rather than American dollars. I know, it's a strange way to measure the value of our currency, but I really do think it says something ominous...)

So, sales, updates, yummy yarns...it's a good month to be a knitter. :-) (But then, when is it not good to be a knitter??)

Want to see what soulmates look like?

Peas in a pod

I know, I'm kind of big on the pet photo ops lately. What's with that? But this was just so cute - who could resist?

The Hemlock Ring Blanket? Yeah, I'm still knitting it. It goes along pretty quickly, actually, but man are there going to be some loooong repeats by the time I get to the end!

Hemlock Ring Blanket

At least it's getting big enough now that I can kinda sorta get a picture of it. And my progress ain't half bad, considering I cast on Sunday afternoon!

Okay, that's all I have. Here's what I have to look forward to tonight after dinner with Kathleen (yay!) and the stitch-n-bitch (yay!):

My blankie