Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

There was a LOT going on this weekend, man. Well, until Sunday, which was spent mostly being productive. (I call it productive, Travis calls it sitting on my lazy ass on the couch and knitting. Seriously, how is that not productive?!)

Friday was our five-month wedding anniversary. (I'm aware that the prefix anni- would indicate that these should be celebrated annually. We decided to celebrate on the second of each month. See, that way we can eat a little of our cake topper 12 times rather than saving it for a year. Heh. I'm clever in finding ways to eat cake.)

Travis gave me five enormous balloons:

Five months

Sweet, except I'm kind of, um, afraid of big balloons. Way too likely to pop and blow my brain out of my head.


Heh. No, I'm happy, really. ;-)

My best friend Jessi and her fiance Jimmy came up Friday night so we could hit up EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival on Saturday. I've been dying to go to this thing for years. Turns out they don't have much to offer in the way of free booze and food, but lower-priced samplings are plentiful. And everyone needs an excuse to gather with their best friends and start drinking at 10 in the morning.

Let's go find some beer.

Here we are toward the end of the evening, looking tired and a bit buzzed. We had trouble giving up the evening, though, so we went in search of pizza and more beer.

Different location, same theme!

More beer samplings! Woot!

While at EPCOT, we'd had just enough to drink to think it would be really funny to buy Little Bit a tiny Mexican flag blanket and sombrero. 'Cuz, you know, she could look like a burro.

Oh God.  Somebody call the ASPCA

However, I left it up to Travis. (She's not a chihuahua, before anyone says anything. I am She is very sensitive about that.)

Mom, are you kidding me?

If dogs were capable of calling the SPCA....

Of course, Brodie falls just on the other side of terribly bright, so he thought this all looked like a lot of fun, and he REALLY wanted in on the sombrero action.

Brodie wanted to play

And Rooster took the opportunity to seize the dog bed.

What?  We have a dog bed?

What dog bed? This ain't no dog bed. Now go away.

Since I've showed the other three, I'll also share a rare public viewing opportunity:

Rare sighting

I told you we have another cat. No one ever believes me. Indiana's terribly sweet but also shy-bordering-on-imaginary; however, she's been more willing to be seen and photographed lately.

So that's what Travis accomplished on Sunday. Dressing the dogs up like donkeys. Yeah, and I'M the bum.

I at least did this:

Cormo/angora handspun

Okay, I didn't spin it Sunday. I just photographed it. Hey, it's something!! (It's an 80/20 cormo and angora blend roving purchased from SAFF. Not going up in the shop - mine, all mine! I love you, cormo! Call me!!)

I started this, too:

Hemlock Ring blanket

It's the Hemlock Ring Blanket. (Hey, guess what? There is NO GOOD WAY to photograph this thing in progress.) I'm knitting it for my mom for her birthday or Christmas (going to depend on when it's finished.) I'm using Brooks Farm Solana worsted weight superwash wool that I bought at Rhinebeck - lovely fall leaf-changing colours, yum - and size 8 (5mm) needles instead of the recommended size 10 (5.50mm) because the larger ones were really not working well with the yarn. Also - get this - I'm knitting it CONTINENTAL. Yes, that's right - I'm learning a new trick. So far, so good. We'll see if I stick to it or revert to my old ways....

Why a blanket for Mom? Well, I was planning on knitting it anyway, but then on our trip to North Carolina, she gave us this:

My Wedding Blankie

I know, right??!! This is INCREDIBLE. More incredible when you consider that the last thing I saw her knit was a garter stitch scarf. Yay, Mom! I love this thing with all my soul - each pattern she selected has special significance to us and the wedding, and it's this wonderful wool she got from a local.

My Wedding Blankie

It's heavy and warm and I pretty much drag it all over the house with me. I sleep with it at night, I snuggle under it in front of the TV, and I can't wait to pile up under it with our kids. My mom is amazing, and I'm incredibly lucky to have been so blessed. (I love my mommy!) You'll probably see this blanket lots in future posts - I'm usually not very far away from it when I'm home!

Go, knit and be merry!