Friday, November 09, 2007

My Life Is Devoid Of Meaning

First of all, thank you so much for your compliments on the Reims stocking! I'm excited to see it going into queues and getting cast on. (Thank you Ravelry, thank you! I love that I don't have to Google anymore!)

So. I do not have Internet at home. I feel small and lost. Help me, Al Gore! (By the way, did anyone see him on 30 Rock last night?? That was HILARIOUS.)

We had the tech guy come out last night and after leaving the faint waft of beer all over our house (then again, who am I to judge - I had a Pumpkinhead Ale in my hand the whole time), he determined that we needed a PC guy to come out. So that will be Saturday. Which means no photos until at least Saturday night, as I have no way to upload them. Fortunately I can still get online at work, and access email and bloglines from my phone, but there's no way to upload/download things. (At work that's kind of a honking no-no.)

Not that I have much progress to show on the damned stupid Hemlock Ring blanket. I got to round 66, then to 73, then back to 66, then to 76, then back to 72....well, I'll be back to 72 at lunch. I keep coming up two freakin' stitches short on my pattern rounds. I knew this project was going too smoothly. And of course it's once I get to the cakewalk charted part that I start effing it up all over the place. Makes sense.

No pictures. So let's just end it, shall we? Oh! Don't forget to check out the surprises on Knitty. I think I love the Veronik pattern.