Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dude, YouTube!

First of all, if I ever want to draw people out of hiding, I should mention Ikea! Folks jumped all up in the Ikea post - although as it turns out, the Ikea here isn't opening until mid-November. Which means that I, like my friend David, will be waiting until roughly mid-August to even think about braving the maddening crowds. And, at Jen's brilliant suggestion, I would also be leaving the credit card at home! (Danger, danger!)

So. Have I mentioned Travis' new sideline? Like me, he's decided to capitalize on a hobby - his is drumming. He's taken on a student. In our home. The student is ten.

Uh huh.

The original plan was to have lessons at 7:30 on Tuesdays, since I'm usally at a knit night on Tuesdays and wouldn't be bothered a bit by the banging....except with the loooong workdays, going to knit night hasn't been as high a priority as going home and zonking on the couch. And listening to the banging.

I decided to document the sound, and my reactions, and best of all, the pets' reactions, for Travis' review afterward. The video was done on my digital camera, so the sound/picture quality isn't great, and I was the videographer, so the overall quality is also not great (uh, sideways video anyone?) but this is 27 minutes into a ten year-old learning to drum in our home, so I can't be held to a very high standard. (Note Rooster's zen trance with backturned ears and Brodie's pleading, wide-eyed, please-shoot-me-momma gaze.)

And lo! Behold my first attempt at YouTubeing something of my own. (Also, please don't judge my housekeeping skills based on what you might see here - I had a LOT of projects going this weekend.)

(To be fair, this is only his third lesson...so he's actually doing really well, from a teaching standpoint. From an I-just-want-to-sit-here-and-spin-this-merino-and-watch-The-Simpsons-dammit standpoint, though, it's a little more challenging. I could leave the house....but that's not nearly as much fun as posting videos.)