Monday, October 08, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving, friends in Canadia!! And happy whatever-holiday-it-is-here-I-don't-care-I-just-didn't-have-to-go-to-work-today*, Americanians!

Today's blog is a "Huh??" edition.

"Huh?" #1:

Oh, that's just wrong

Wait.....can they say that? Did we suddenly run out of plant names?

"Huh?" #2:

Who wished an Ikea into existence here??

We have an Ikea?? Who threw up an Ikea at my mall? I'd heard about an Ikea rumour, but I gave up hope because they went back and forth on it what seemed like dozens of times. This is as close as I got to it...we'll spend four days bracing ourselves, cross-training and practicing the phrase, "Wait, do we REALLY need this?" and then we'll hit it up on Saturday.

"Huh?" #3:

Handsewn project-or-whatever bag

Wait, I can sew? Wait.......what did I sew here? I was going for project bag and I kind of ended up with tiny pillowcase. Hand sewing even something this small was kind of a pain. But I'm happy with it, anyway. Oh, and I forgot to mention it - this is, of course, Amy Butler! I found several bolts, and also some fat quarters, at the local sewing shop near my LYS. I bought about four fat quarters (three in this pattern, one of my favourites) plus matching cotton solids for lining, and some zippers, and other fun things to try to see what I have the patience to throw together. This was my first attempt.

Handsewn project-or-whatever bag, lined

See, lookit - I lined it and everything! I was hoping that spending a loooong time working on something so simple would convince Travis I needed a sewing machine. It worked, and after last night's trip to Target, I am the proud owner of this. (You gotta link. This is hilarious.) I think I'll be returning it, though....I'll just bide my time with a needle and thread.

"Huh?" #4:

new glasses

I finally caved and bought new glasses after ten years?? Seriously? And I'm WEARING them? (I always wore contacts.) But they're just so cute...

new glasses

And why are they so thick?? Ohhh, right, I'm aging. *sob* At least they're blingy and sassy.

*(I know, it's Columbus Day.)