Thursday, October 11, 2007

Curve Ball Sock Pattern

Edit: Scroll down for the new instructions for download - yay!!

Hey, does anyone remember these?

Curve Ball

Simple little ribbed sock with a braided cable up the back?

Curve Ball

A simple little cable that perhaps might pop more should you decide to use a solid or semi-solid yarn....may I recommend Cabin Cove? (Obligatory not affiliated, no compensation for recommendation, blah blah blah - just a really good soft yarn I liked working with for this pattern.)

Anyway, I finally got off my lazy butt and finished writing up the pattern. Eventually I'll get off my lazy butt and also get around to figuring out how to pdf host it (I'm sure it's not especially hard, I just don't have it on my list of priorities for now) finding someone awesome to host it for me (yay!)

If you want the Curve Ball sock pattern, I'm happy to share it with you. (For free, too! Yay free!) And rockstar Jen of Piddleloop fame (you DO have a Piddleloop project bag, don't you??) has offered to stash the pdf on her site (Yay Jen!), so you can just zip right over and download it! Follow the big bold link at the bottom of the post. (Note: that link takes you directly to the pdf, and you can print and/or save from there. You also have the option of going here, clicking on Patterns, then clicking on the Curve Ball sock link and pulling up the pdf that way.)

If for some reason the pdf link won't work for you, then email me and I'll zap you a pdf of it. (Remember, it's copyrighted, so please don't publish it on your website/blog/whatever or sell it or anything. But it's a free-for-all as far as I'm concerned!)

PS: It's proofread and *should* be correct. If you run up against anything that's not clear or looks like a mistake, please let me know! And I'll be happy to help if you run into trouble, too.

Happy knitting!

Download Curve Ball Sock Pattern