Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Big Picture Thing

It doesn't really matter who won, okay?

Putt-Putt to the death!

Valerie, me and a couple of my chins (you should have seen how many there were in the first shot), and the hubbies, squished together at the Pirate's Cove putt-putt place. If you go by Girls vs. Boys, the girls lost. If you take Valerie out of the equation and go by individual scores (which is how everyone else would tell you it went, but I'd prefer to drag someone else down with me), I lost all on my own. Kind of a lot.


(God I HATE the tabletop greens. Those are SO UNFAIR.)

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate makes it all better.


This was a quiet weekend with lots of spinning and multi-slacking (I have all these things to do, so I'll do none of them at once.) I wasn't feeling too hot (nothing specific, just the blehs) so lots and lots (and lots) of spinning seemed to be in order.

White & Nerdy handspun

This is 325 yards of sockweight spun from Funky Carolina's superwash merino in the Nerd colourway. It's spun for a swap with (obviously) Adam. I'm chugging a Shipyard Brewing Co. Pumpkinhead Ale in preparation for the swap. ;-)

Autumn Harvest handspun

The glory that is autumn! This is Yarn Wench's delicious merino fiber...I'm really happy with this one, 'cuz of the colours (I love all things autumnal). Not sure quite what I might have planned for Such a tough call.


Can I just say it is beyond exciting to see my little ol' sock pattern in queues on Ravelry?? Squee! Speaking of that little ol' pattern (important stuff ahead!), there was a goof in the heel flap instructions on the pattern originally. If you downloaded the pattern from the web, you're okay - the screwup was caught before it got uploaded. BUT if you got the pattern from me by email, you might want to download an updated copy.

I won stuff! Adelle drew my name in her Heart Walk raffle, and I got a Loopy Ewe gift certificate! Yaaaay! (Yaaaaaaaaaay! And link to Adelle to see her adorable little nephew looking a lot like I look when someone asks me to go for a walk.)


I was hoping for an Etsy Friday last week, but I haven't yet gotten any of the things I've been expecting. (The US Postal Service continues to hate on me, sending a really cute little bag from the seller in Providence to me in Orlando by way of - where else - West Sacramento, CA. I hate you guys, USPS.) Le sigh.

There are a couple of cool blog folks in town visiting, which is awesome!!! (I pretend they're here exclusively to see me, and I'll thank you to stay out of my delusions.) This is such a freakin' exciting month, you guys, for REAL. And let us not forget:


Who will I see there? You?