Thursday, September 13, 2007

April Showers Bring September Big Rocks Falling From Sky

Edit: NEW KNITTY!!!!

The weather has been pure crap the last few days - yesterday we had crazy huge hail and wind and torrential rain spring up from out of absolutely NOWHERE and they actually shut down the interstate until the storm passed. Weird. What does that mean for you? Crappy weather for pictures. I've gotten some great goodies and yarns and Etsy fabulousity, and I can't photograph any of it yet.

But I do have this update: my sock class at SAFF is full! Woohoo! And my other class only has a few openings left. I'm very excited about being a workshoppy person....though still vaguely terrified. Edit: I'm now teaching TWO sock classes - because of the fullness and demand - hee, I have demand!! - we've opened up another class.

Also, a cool tip that came to me by way of Kathleen, which she picked up from a lady at the knitting group at the LYS (yay prepositions!). It's a wonderful trick for yarn won't believe it's not butter! ('Cuz it's yarn. Check that out...yay, cheap clever solutions!)

Speaking of Kathleen - that's a really cool story. You can read it on that same post at her blog, but basically she was my joined-at-the-hip friend for a week - I met her like nine days before she moved to Germany six years ago, and we spent about every second together for that week and then *poof* off she went to Germany and we lost touch (PS: I suck at keeping touch.) But then in one of my Google fits a few years ago, I found her blog. (She's a knitter, which is where it all started for me. Between her and my mom crankin' out cool stuff, I had to try too!) So now she's back in the area, which rules!

Speaking of my mom, she is working on a knitted blanket for us - she's knitting squares that have special meaning to our wedding day, and the blanket will have its own little storybook to explain it. She's been giving me progress updates, and it's almost finished and sounds completely incredible - she just has to knit the border. (I say "just" but it's like twenty feet of border.) The finished size, she said, will be 54" by 66" - holy crap! I think my mom just lapped me in stick-to-it-iveness. I am so. dying. to. see. it. Seriously.

Finally - I never shared my swap goodies from my Funky Junkie swap! I was matched up with RaineyDayKnitter (this was a swap from the Flickr group) and she spun me this yarn that is in colours I absolutely and completely LOVE.

Tolan - Swap from Rainey

Gorgeous, huh?! This is Funky Carolina's "Tolan" colourway. What should I knit? I was thinking hat, but I'm ALWAYS thinking hats. I want something I can get a lot of wear out of, because I really really really like this yarn.

There were other goodies too:

FJ Swap from Rainey

She rules! I'm such a Bee Bar addict, too, so that was AWESOME. There's another swap starting up right now (we don't waste time spoiling each other, and we're ready for another round. (If you're interested in joining up, visit the Flickr group and check out the post.)

I guess since the swap's done, I can finally reveal what I spun for her, too!

Summer Sunrise

About sock weight, a superwash merino wool, 310 yards of two-ply in the Summer Sunrise colourway. I really dug this yarn - I may have to get this colourway again, 'cuz you know I love rockin' the orange.

Happy Thursday!!