Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh, Have I The Yarn For Porning Today!

The sun finally came out for a few minutes yesterday, so I managed to get some hasty shots off of my goodies. Also, I got photos of a *something* I finished. I can't show it to you (neener neener!) but it's purdy. I'll say this - if you didn't sign up for The Sweet Sheep's Semi-Solid Sock Club, you're missing out!

Wanna see some evidence of the nasty wind/hail/rain storm from Wednesday?

Wicked rainstorm

It blew the covers off of manholes.

Icky storm

It also blew the bed liner out of someone's pickup truck and deposited it on the sidewalk - yikes!

Okee, yarny nummies!


Remember how I mentioned that I finally got Navajo plying down with the help of Naomi posting this video by The Yarn Wench? Well, then I finally pulled out this wonderful BFL dyed by Funky Carolina in her sought-after "Vampyr" colourway. Naomi had split this with me in a swap, because I was a big whiny baby about not getting it when it went up in the shop. (Naomi comes out of that sentence looking much better than me.)


This is about two ounces, about 90 yards, navajo-plied. (And it's mine, all mine - no shop for this little one. The merino Vampyr I have might make it in there, though....MIGHT!!)

Yay, Naomi (and Yarn Wench) Rules!

This is the companion yarn to the fun artyarns I spun from Traveling Rhinos. This is about 1.6 ounces of BFL, also navajo-plied, and I think it's about 66 yards.

Surf, no turf

I'm a navajo-plyin' fool!


The Loopy Ewe recently had a Wollmeise update. Did you miss it? Yeah, I didn't buy any - I thought about it, and I almost did, but then I didn't. But when I showed up to Knit Night and met up with Kathleen, Karma congratulated me on my restraint and Kathleen presented me with a skein of Wollmeise!! (!!!!) Oh, the colours!! I petted it and sat very close to it all through the night, and left it when I got up. Kathleen reminded me to take it - see, I had thought she was kidding when she gave it to me. I figured no way she was actually meaning for me to take it home. (Again, clearly she is more generous than I.) So this is my new Wollmeise in the colourway "Wellensittichvogelfeder". My German is rusty, but I think that translates to "We, as a people, generally don't believe in using spaces to differentiate words, so good luck translating this one, bitch."

So what do you like from the Fall Knitty? Has anyone noticed that Aija is the new Cookie - there's a new brilliant sock pattern from her in every issue!! So -anything you're dying to cast on for right this minute?

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back with a zillion photos (or none, depending on when my brain kicks in) from the Florida Fiber-In!