Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Finally, someone said that Britney looks good with a little meat! Thank you!! I don't see why we get all excited about celebrities gaining weight and the new hot un-anorexic stars (see also: Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, America Ferrera, Kelly Clarkson, etc.) and crying about the over-skinnification of Hollywood, and then retching when Britney shows up on stage looking slightly larger than her old self yet still better than ANY of US. I think she looked hot (other than the bad, bad, bad weave - I want nothing more than to see her bounce out on stage with a twee pixie cut; own the short hair, girl, you crazy and we all know it, stop pretending there's hair there!)

In other news - spinning!

Rhinos August

(Horrible dark photo - bad blogographer! Bad!) I love these skeins. They're both spun from August's fiber installment from Traveling Rhinos. (Best. Club. Ever.) I also have a little skein of BFL navajo-ply that I whipped up from leftovers. (My Navajo plying freakin' rules now, thanks to Naomi posting a link to this Yarn Wench video, which is basically Navajo-plying for the coordinationally-challenged.)

Rhinos August Fiber #1

This one has a bit of everything - some felted beads I made (a first!) and some vintage lucite beads and sequins included in the club kit, and some locks (also included in the club kit - told you the club rules!) and some silk hankies I had on hand that just happened to match perfectly...

Rhinos August Fiber #1

Can you spot the lucite bead? Shhhh...it's hiding!

Rhinos #2

And this other skein is almost the same, but this one has just the locks and sequins added in. Both skeins are plied with a very thin strand of BFL spun from the 2 oz. of roving in the kit, along with the 3 oz. of batt (seriously RULES).

Each skein is a little over two ounces. I'll be putting at least one of these up in the shop - I may not be able to part with both. Also, I'll put up the BFL skein (to be photographed soon). This is part of a new plan for my shop - in addition to my usual four ounce put-ups, I'm going to be doing something new. I love spinning up a whole bump of fiber, but sometimes people want some handspun without spending about $30 (I try to price as reasonably as I can without totally robbing myself) so I'm going to be offering *EL CHEAPO SKEIN-O-RAMA!!* (tm), my new half-sized put-ups. This way you still get enough yarn for a small project, and you could buy two skeins if you want more, but if you want less....you get the idea.

Look for it - *EL CHEAPO SKEIN-O-RAMA!!* (tm)

In still other news - any Florida people-types going to the Fiber-In this weekend?? I'll be there Saturday! Let the fall festival season BEGIN!! :-D