Monday, August 13, 2007


Travis scored some good luck, too! His boss gave him four tickets to a concert on Wednesday night at the House of Blues. And not just any concert...this is something I was actually really wanting to see, but situations being what they are, we weren't going to buy tickets. So this rules.

Are you sitting down? You should sit down.

I get to go see Billy Bob Thornton in concert.

If you're laughing or rolling your eyes, shutupIhateyou. He's amazing. He's dreamy in that vaguely skeezy sort of way. I love boys who you have to explain to your friends - you know, that "But you should see him cleaned up!" thing. I love Travis when he's all sweaty and has been working real hard and maybe has some smudges on his forehead and a bit of stubble. (I mean, if he's real sweaty I don't want to get cozy or anything - but I find that kind of working-man thing really hot.)

I mean, yeah, if you look at it in one way, sure...we are talking about the Sling Blade guy here....but then aren't you maybe a little tempted to take this guy home tonight? Or this one? And his music is interesting in that this-doesn't-sound-like-every-crappy-emo-poser-out-there kind of way. I don't care how cute I thought Jared Leto was in that My So-Called Life show, I'm not going to pay to watch him whine and screech and ego-trip his way through a crappy 30 Seconds to Mars show. (Hell, I wouldn't let someone pay ME to go through that.)

Now, if I can just stave off this cold/crud thing I am trying to pretend isn't coming, this should be a very fun evening.

Later, my awesome prize from Gadabout - seriously, it ruled! And perhaps photos of another handspun - this one's pretty spiffy. (I'm knitting, really, I swear....)