Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Morning...

The post office is trying. I shouldn't have been so virulent in my post about them - I work for the same government they do, and I make mistakes too. (Well, I'm sure I do. In my own head, I'm perfect all the time, of course.)

It only took me about 24 hours to calm down and get my blood pressure back to normal and my mind back to my regular "everyone makes mistakes" mode - funny how fast that got chucked out the window when someone else's normally perfectly acceptable mistake affected my precious handknit socks. Heh.

So, it would *seem* my package will make it to its destination eventually. But wouldn't it always seem that way? I still had minor panic attacks the whole time I was packing up prizes and a shop order, because I was so sure they were going to lose all of it. (Ugh, a lost prize - would anything be more awful?!) But I'm trying to be more reasonable.....

I accomplished next to nothing this weekend - felt kinda sick yesterday, so there was much lying around. I did, however, swatch for the Eunny-designed Tangled Yoke Cardigan in the Fall IK...won't it be interesting to see if I can pull that off? Seeing as how my Green Gable is still in a pouch on the floor in the zen knitting room, right where I left it, oh, about a month ago. Anyway, so far I'm having trouble getting gauge, and I've knit and washed two swatches. I'll hit it eventually - I believe I'm using a slightly thicker yarn than called for. The pattern calls for one of those unusual yarns that has fingering yardage but knits at nearly DK weight, so using a DK yarn will work, but getting gauge is tricky. (But the yarn I'm using, RYC Cashsoft, is so delicious it's worth it.) I'm also one of those people who eventually will say "hell with it" and knit a smaller size if my gauge is just a bit off. It usually works out... (I am so qualified to teach a class on how to respect gauge, don't you think?? Heh.)

I don't want to not put up pictures on a Monday...lookit the pretty colours:

Traveling Rhinos - August Deluxe Fiber

This is the first installment (for me) of the Traveling Rhinos fiber club. (The club is always open for new signups, is that great or what? I have the Deluxe membership.) I LOVE this. Three ounces of batt, two ounces of handdyed BFL roving, some cotswold locks, sequins, and beads - this is going to be an AWESOME yarn. (Or a total mess - I guess it's kind of all resting on me, there, eh?)

Have a great week!