Saturday, August 11, 2007






The lovely United States Post Office decided that my pal surely did not live in Brooklyn where I shipped her package. Surely I was mistaken. So the United States Post Office decided to take my handknit socks, plus about forty bucks worth of other stuff, and send it to a completely different place, calling it a "forward" due to my ALLEGED poor addressing skills. After verifying the address with my pal and ensuring she didn't have any forwarding info in place, I have determined that the United States Post Office F***ING BLOWS.

Sure, I sent it insured, but what happens if these things have just gone off the grid?? Did I flake? Am I considered a bad pal? Am I supposed to knit another pair of socks for her??? Because seriously, I definitely just do not have one spare minute for the next three months. Do I just send her the insurance money with an apology? Money's great and everything, but that's not the deal, so I'd still be a lousy pal, even though this turn of events isn't really my fault. So gee thanks, Post Office, I guess I get to be the a**hole who screws somebody over, that's just awesome. (I'm worried she may already think that's what's happening here, but I assure you, it is not. You saw the photos, I knit them, packed them up, and shipped can vouch for me, right? And now, the United States Post Office has taken the liberty of forwarding them to another town altogether.)



On the other hand, I am glad I'm out of the swapping game for now, and with such a bang, since this will probably sour me a bit - the one swap I still have outstanding is one in which I could conceivably hand-deliver my goods. And I think I just may.

Oh, I spun this:

PB&J Handspun

"Peanut Butter & Jelly". Merino, two-ply, heavy worsted to bulky weight, 145 yards, dyed by Adrian at Hello Yarn. In the shop.

I'll try to write something less pissy later, once I've gotten my hands on someone in customer service/tracking. Please, cross your fingers for me, if you get a second.