Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stuff That Rules!

Me! I rule!

I so should have mentioned this like a freakin' week ago - Michele nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Girls rule! Thank you, Michele, and I'm flattered that you think I rock! I think I'm supposed to nominate other rockin' blogger people, but why girls?? A whole lot of awesome girls who blog have been nominated, so I'm going to step outside the box and nominate Dave, Adam, and Dave Daniels. Take that! I'm in no way insinuating that they're girls....I'm just being a nonconformist pain in the ass, and giving some love to some of my favourite boys. Boys rule!

Post office! The post office rules! It will rule so much more when I actually TAKE MY LAZY ASS down there and mail out the prizes to Adelle and Turtlegirl. (I know, it's beyond pathetic - but in an attempt to make up for it, for every few days I continue to drag ass, I add another little goodie to the pile.)

Winners! Winners rule!

Wanna know who they are?? says:

Mouse, Jenny, and (blogless?) Diane!! Yay!!! You all rule! I'll email you guys.

I had sixty-eight individuals who were entered in the contest! Thanks for popping by and entering, everybody! (And for anyone else who groaned that I was just one short of being awesome - there actually WERE sixty-nine separate people who commented over the run of the contest, but one asked to not be entered due to her exploding stash - which I want to note I see as no reason to stop accumulating yarn. Thank God for her, though. Heheh. Yes, I am a fourteen year-old boy - 69 is funny.)

Plus, I like all the new reading material! I was more than whoring for comments; I was whoring for new blogs to read. I'm going to enjoy visiting everyone!! Hugs!