Wednesday, August 15, 2007

He's Gonna Be Hell To Live With

Edit 8/15/2007: For anyone who's ever tried to get Vesper sock yarn and missed out - Julia updated the shop yesterday, and there's still a lot of things available. I've been trying for a YEAR to get my hands on some Strange Little Mama, and I finally snagged one! (And still more available!)

Oh, Cara's done did it to me now. She's gone and dubbed Travis the Yarnival Hunk. God help us all...ever since the wedding photos came back and he realized what an Abercrombie-model-in-training he could be:

Abercrombie sells tuxes now?
photo by charity demeer

...and further bolstered by my mom's recent phone call to declare that "all the men in the Neiman's catalog look just like Travis," he's quite certain he's going to be a supermodel (slash-knitter-slash-mechanic-slash-handyman-slash-husband-slash-auto dealer-slash-dirtbiker).

(But I called and told him about the hunk thing, and he is so tickled. Seriously.)

I'm tickled too! Lookit:


From the Gadabout Knitter's contest - what a haul! First, Malabrigo in Burgundy, which is one of the YUMMIEST colours of Malabrigo I've ever seen! (And, as my well-documented obsessions with Malabrigo and semi-solids would probably indicate, I LOVE THIS.) And a Yo-Yo Ball (hee! that's me!) which Travis' declared "a cheater's yoyo". (Whatever, we the uncoordinated will take all the help we can get, thankyouverymuch.) I've been knocking stuff over with this for two days - it's fun!! And one of my mostest favouritest kinds of chocolate in the world (the spicy kind!) and post-it notes that remind me of this Japanese cotton bird-covered fabric that I saw in an etsy shop and that I wanted really badly until I realized that I can't sew. (I can, however, write and make copious use of post-its, so this is much better!)

Thank you!!!!!!

(Also, all my prize winning people who have been so incredibly patient - your packages are all on their way. God willing, they'll actually make it to you. Grumble.)

I spun somethin':

Spin Out

Sorry, this one's not up for grabs in the shop - it's for Cara's Spin-Out prize patrol raffle. If you want this skein, you gotta put into the pot and try to win it. (Seriously, if you're able, put into the pot, even just a few bucks - it's for a good cause!)

Spin Out

(For the record, this is spun from a merino/silk/alpaca batt from Loop called "Kimono" and it's three ounces of two-ply, about 300 yards. Dream spinning.)

Tonight - Billy Bob Thornton (who was once a bit more Bob-Dylan-esque in style but it turns out has gone further over to the country music side of things, so it may be interesting to see which is stronger - my love for Billy Bob or my not-love for country music.) Tomorrow, a review. Or bleeding ears.