Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sale Alert

Okay, this is kind of a cheat - it's MY sale. But if anyone's in the market for handspun, I'm knocking 20% off my stuff until the 5th; it's my "Freedom Sale", in a nod to both Canada and the US. (Respeck.) So if you're interested, see the shop. (I wish I had a ton of handspun, but unfortunately the stuff's kind of, um, labor-intensive.)

I'm trying to brace myself to brave the tempestuous waters of yarn dyeing....I'm sort of nervous about it. Acid ain't kool-aid, ya know? And it's not like there aren't enough brilliant dyers out there already. But still, it looks like fun.

Speaking of fun - back I go to the Mystery Stole. Thanks to Rosi's slick tip, I'm moving a little quicker. I'm sure she won't mind my sharing: When you're working a lace chart, first go through the chart and anytime you see a bunch of knit stitches (more than two), count them up and write a numeral in the first box; that way when you come to it in the chart, you know right away that you have to knit seven, and you don't have to count it up and risk getting it wrong because you're starting to suffer from chart-blindness. (I got sick to death of tinking every other row and finally tried it - wouldn't you know it, I haven't had to back up a stitch since then. Rosi rules.)