Monday, July 02, 2007


Does anyone have experience with Aperture for Mac? I'm going to try to get all my stuff from Laptop A onto New-and-Improved Laptop B, but I'm not sure whether I'll be able to move my mack-daddy gazillion-dollar version of Ph*t*shop over (without getting into the specifics of why, I don't actually have discs or other necessary things for that program); in any event, I'm thinking of getting Aperture either in addition to or instead of That Other Program. Do any of you use Aperture? Email or comment with any thoughts, puh-leeease!!

What? Knitting content? Um, okay...uh....oh!

New patterns and stuff: I like this. But I'm wondering if I like it on me, or if I just like the twee-tiny version of it in the photo. I'm not sure this is a look that would be cute on me...but I really might have to try it...and it looks like a simple and quick knit.

And I also think this is a supercute top, and I'm thinking about making some alterations to it (length, bulkier yarn) and making a quick-knit little supercute housedress kind of thing instead. It looks so adorable but comfy... (Two garment items in Magknits that I like this month! Yay, go Magknits!)

Also, I really love these bags and I want more money so I can have one. (I thought about asking for Paypal donations so that I can have all the cool things I want, but people tend to want goods or services in exchange for their hard-earned dollars...pfft.)

Oh, and I really want to get out of here and get home so I can work on Mystery Stole. Lurve it.

Carry on!