Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy *hic* Fourth!!

Wow, what a great day off! We were very productive and patriotic; we arose early, took the dogs for a nice long walk, hung out the flag, did some all-American gardening for a few hours, packed up a healthy picnic lunch and walked down to the lake, where we spent a few hours sunbathing, splashing in the lake, and picking up litter; then we returned home and got ready to hit the town parade, where we were marching with the volunteer firefighters, and sang the national anthem while watching the fireworks display. Then it was home and in bed by 9:30. Yay, America!!

If you're having a hard time swallowing that crap, then congratulations - you've been reading this ol' blog for a while. The dogs kinda walk themselves, I don't garden, lakes are kinda gross and I sunburn like crazy, we're not good community people, and we were too lazy to go watch the fireworks. What really happened? Well, it's more likely that we stayed up until 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday night, slept until almost 11:30 a.m., wandered around the house in our pajamas until about 2:00 p.m., took lazy showers (you know, the ones where you scrub properly but you only rinse your hair and don't bother with shampoo) and went to see a movie (Pirates of the Carribean; we're behind by several weeks on the new releases.) Oh, and we had someone else prepare lunch for us in air-conditioned comfort (picnic my ass).

Oh, and I *would* hang a flag, except I don't have the dedication. See, I'm VERY particular about it, and I get really annoyed when proper flag etiquette isn't observed. I don't have the tenacity to keep up with all the regulations, so I avoid it altogether. I have no idea why I have this hangup, but for some reason, I just do; I figure if someone went to all the trouble to write it into the US Code, then it must be important. And half-mast is an especially big deal for me; after President Ford died, I drove by a car dealership that didn't have the flag at half-mast, and I called them. It's just one of those strange things I've decided to obsess over.

We DID get to visit the 7-Eleven that was converted into a Kwik-E-Mart, though, which was freakin' awesome (photos to come). I got a Squishee! And we got home and had Krusty-O's for dinner. (Sad. But true.)

But on the other hand, someone else I know and love had a VERY VERY good day! (More on that later, I promise.)

What else - oh, I also spun up a bobbin of merino (which required an assertive pre-drafting because I was not doing a very good job on it without). This is a special skein that will hopefully turn out well enough; it's a very nice soft fiber in beautiful colors, a soft purple (hmmm...) with just a touch of mocha. Love it!!

The first of my Sockapalooza socks is finished as of this morning, and I'm pretty happy with it. I figured out I'm going to have a TON of yarn leftover (dangit! I wish I'd made them taller!) and so I think I may do matching handwarmers or something. (Me and my ambitions...) But right now I have to set it aside and finish the Gryffindor socks; I figured rather than try to finish them in time for the big release on You Know When, I'd work fast and try to finish them in time for the other, sooner big release on You Also Know When. (What, too subtle?) I almost never ever see movies the day they come out in theatres; but I may make an exception for this one, because it looks badassss!

And then when those Gryffindor socks are done, I have plenty more to choose from...which are you?

Sunshine Yarns self-striping


Sunshine Yarns self-striping


Sunshine Yarns self-striping


Or are you Hufflepuff? (Which I didn't purchase because I'm definitely not Hufflepuff and their house colours aren't as appealing to me and I already have Hufflepuffy sock yarn anyway.)