Thursday, July 05, 2007

Florida Central/West Coast Peeps:

Hey, exciting news about Valerie (also of this yummy place, and I'm warning you, do not click that link if you want (your bank account) to live. I found so much stuff I want that I should just move into their stock room.) Anyway, she is coming to Florida to vacation and hit the beach with sticks and wool (it would sound crazy to anyone other than us) and she's going to be in Tampa on Thursday the 12th! We're meeting up that evening to hit yarn shops, probably get dinner, and maybe drink too much wine and wake up to a morning of frogging several rounds of whatever it is we knitted on Thursday night. (Though that part might be just me.) If you're in the Tampa area or would like to come to the Tampa area and meet up with us, just drop a line by comment or email! Also, any suggestions of where to knit & eat would be welcome and much appreciated, as it is not my town and I'm relatively clueless.