Friday, July 06, 2007

I Like My Beverages Discombobulated

Travis had to buy me THREE Simpsons twistee straws at the 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Mart, under threat of temper tantrum. (What can I say?) They have given me great joy ever since. Twistee straws are never unfun, no matter how old you are.

I had a happy mail day yesterday. Hee!

The Latest...

I got a shipment of Funky Carolina fibers, by way of The Sweet Sheep. This is the highly coveted Vampyr (red) and Forsythia (gold). I know already that Forsythia is going to be something special. I have a Rumplestilskin project planned. ;-)

You can also just catch a tiny glimpse of the other mail goodies from yesterday - I ordered four yummy soaps and three (more) lip balms from Rosi! Her soaps are so delicious, and her lip balm is my new Most Favorite Thing.

As I mentioned, I finished that first Sockapalooooza sock:

Three Strikes

My own pattern, Dave Daniels' Cabin Cove yarn in Yankee Ikat colourway. As I've mentioned before, I'm happy with my little pattern, but I do think she's probably going to wear these about four times before exclaiming, "Oh my God, there's a cable on these! I never noticed!"

Braided Cable detail

Bonus points if you can pick it out. Extra bonus points if you can't pick it out but you tell me you can! I'm going to tinker with this pattern and do it in a solid/semi-solid.

But not before I get to work on something special for this:

Sweet Socks

Lookit!!! Lookit!!! This was the most awesomest surprise! Michelle had mentioned a little while back that she had a new colourway she was working on and I was so excited about it, and then yesterday I get this! It's called "Wedding Bells" and I love how edgy it is! I also love that my ceaseless yammering on about my wedding inspired something wonderful in the fiber world! (See, I CAN use my powers for good! I oftentimes just choose not to....oh, and that's of course only if you count self-involvement and diarrhea of the mouth - or for blog purposes, fingers - as "powers".) The darker colour looks like it's black, but it's really a dark, dark blue. It's my new favourite in the stash, but I doubt it will be there for long! I have some thoughts on a pattern for it...we'll see!

Also, please keep your fingers crossed for me; my laptop is listed as "out for delivery" in Orlando today, but the delivery date is still posted for July 9th. I NEED IT today!! I have to get some photos done and properly edited, and my computer as-is will not let me do much without some sort of technological temper tantrum. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I read the bios of the SAFF instructors, and it's vaguely terrifying. Almost every instructor has been knitting (or whatever their chosen craft) since conception, and were born attached to their mother by i-cord, not umbilically. I'm going to have to come up with a very creative way to sell myself if I end up teaching.